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YouTube, Facebook and Twitch witness a decline in streaming, but why?

YouTube, Facebook and Twitch have reportedly witnessed a downfall in the viewership since the pandemic lockdowns got lifted.  

India TV Tech Desk Reported by: India TV Tech Desk Noida Published on: May 05, 2022 21:50 IST
YouTube, Facebook, Twitch

YouTube, Facebook and Twitch

YouTube, Facebook and Twitch have reported that the platforms have been witnessing a decline as the pandemic lockdowns got lifted.

The OTT and web services witnessed a great rise during the global lockdown, because of work from home guidelines and homeschooling. There were sites like these that witnessed a double or even triple-digit growth during the phase. But as the lockdown restrictions got lifted, it seems to have impacted the viewership across major streaming platforms. 

Twitch has been one of the platforms which have been managing to grab some growth from the previous quarter. Despite lockdowns easing, it is reported by sources that the total watch hours on Twitch did not decline over the previous quarter, but when we analysed the year-over-year performance, the platform has declined by 8.06%, compared to Q1 of 2021.

Twitch by far has been reportedly dominating the scene, accounting for 76% of all stream views and 91.5% of all stream hours.

Twitch was in fact, the only online platform which witnessed the quarterly growth- with around 400 million viewing hours from its lockdown peak, which is comparatively down.

Indeed, the lifting of the global lockdown has changed a lot of things, especially when we speak of online businesses for streaming services. Now what we have to work for is the evolution of the habits which has been implicated during the lockdowns. 


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