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WhatsApp video calling gets new features, now you will no longer need Zoom, Google Meet

WhatsApp has improved its video calling with new features. These features bring the platform on par with other video conferencing apps. These much-needed features are now rolling out to all users.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: June 14, 2024 11:42 IST
WhatsApp Video Call
Image Source : WHATSAPP WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp has further improved its video calling feature with the addition of new features. Meta-owned platform has added three new features, which include a new screen-sharing feature, a higher participant count, and a speaker spotlight. These features bring WhatsApp on par with its competitors such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet.

WhatsApp introduced the screen-sharing feature in August last year. Now, the company has further improved the feature by adding support for sharing audio with the screen. The new addition will allow users to watch videos with their friends and families on a WhatsApp call. 

WhatsApp has also made another significant update to the number of participants a user can add to a video call. The updated version now allows up to 32 people to join a single video call across devices. Before this update, WhatsApp had a 32-participant limit on mobile devices, while users on Windows and macOS could add up to 16 and 8 participants, respectively.

This is similar to Apple's FaceTime, which allows iPhone and iPad users to have up to 32 participants on video calls. On the other hand, Google Meet and Zoom allow up to 100 participants, even on their basic tiers.

The latest WhatsApp update also includes a feature called speaker spotlight, which automatically highlights the person talking during a video call and brings them to the forefront of the screen. 

India Tv - WhatsApp video calling new features

Image Source : WHATSAPPWhatsApp video calling new features

In addition, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has introduced a new codec called Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) to improve call reliability, especially for users with poor network connectivity or older devices. 

This new codec is an upgrade from the previously used Opus codec and is designed to provide twice the audio quality with 10 percent lower computational complexity. 

MLow is already available on Instagram and Messenger calls and is now being rolled out on WhatsApp to improve the calling experience across Meta platforms.

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