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WhatsApp to introduce new colour themes to the platform: All you need to know

WhatsApp is gearing up to significantly enhance user personalisation with the introduction of ten new chat themes and the ability to customise the app's accent colours. These updates, initially available for iOS, are aimed at providing a more tailored and aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: June 18, 2024 19:11 IST
Image Source : REUTERS WhatsApp to introduce new colour themes to the platform

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging platform is set to enhance its user interface by introducing new colour themes, which will offer the users greater personalisation options. This move surfaced after a wave of feedback came after WWDC- where Apple announced that the iPhone users were not pleased with the platform's green-themed interface. Here are the details of everything we know so far about the upcoming changes.

Backlash over green theme prompts changes

When WhatsApp implemented a green theme for iOS users earlier this year (2024), the reaction from the users was negative. Many users have expressed their discontent on the social media platform, asking for the old interface. 

Despite the pushback, the changes remained the same, and all iPhone users gradually adapted to the new green-themed look. However, WhatsApp has been listening to provide more customisation options for its users.

Expanding theme options to 10

Initially, reports surfaced in May this year, which have suggested that WhatsApp was planning to introduce 5 additional default chat themes, including the default green. However, as per the recent updates from WABetaInfo, it was revealed that the platform has been aiming at offering ten different themes for the users.

This expansion will further give the users more choices to customise their chat interface as per their personal preferences.

Enhanced personalisation for a better user experience

By introducing more theme options for the users, WhatsApp has been aiming at catering for a broader range of aesthetic tastes. Users will soon be able to have the flexibility to choose from 10 colours (which are available at present) for friends and several wallpapers too. 

Earlier it was reported that the colour options will further include:

  • Classic green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

It is further said that more colours will be added eventually. These new themes are currently in development but have already been spotted in the beta version (beta testers reported)- this indicates that the update will soon be rolled out to the public.

Customisation beyond chat themes

Further, to the chat themes, WhatsApp is working on a feature which enables the user to change the app's accent colour and enable them to customise the in-app buttons to match their chosen theme. 

The process to change both- the chat theme and accent colour, you need to: 

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Select the Chat option
  3. Then choose Theme

From there, they can pick the preferred colour, which will automatically be adjusted as per the appearance of the chat bubbles and wallpaper.

Competing with other messaging apps

These new personalisation features are expected to enhance the user experience of WhatsApp, letting them stay competitive with instant messaging platforms like Telegram, which is already offering a variety of customisation options. 

By letting the users have more control over the look and feel of the platform, WhatsApp is positioning itself to attract and retain users who appreciate a tailored messaging experience.

Initial rollout for iOS, possible extension to Android

It is further stated that the initial rollout for the updates will be for iOS devices only, and later, it will extend to Android users (timeline unspecified). This phased approach will allow the users to fine-tune the features as per their choice of user, with the feedback- before possibly expanding them to a wider audience.

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