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WhatsApp Tips: How to disappear from WhatsApp without deleting it

WhatsApp Tips: If you are willing to take a break without deleting the messaging platform, then follow the below steps.

Published on: July 19, 2022 20:44 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK WhatsApp

WhatsApp messaging apps is one of the busiest texting platforms in today’s time. The company claims that billions of messages are exchanged every day on the platform. But, there are times when you wish to take a break from the busy life of social networks- and just wish to stop receiving any messages. The biggest concern is that the user cannot just mute the messages and get rid of it, without uninstalling the application.

So, whatever you do, the messages will be received on your mobile phone if you have the application- no matter if you turn off the blue tick, or stop your internet data for a while, the messaging app will not stop sending you the messages on your number. 

If you are an avid user of WhatsApp and you do not wish to use the platform or take a break, then we can suggest a wiser way to disappear and not receive messages- without deleting the app from your handset. 

Here are the tips to activate disappear from WhatsApp feature without removing the messaging platform from your device:

It indeed is a simple process and you might take a minute to make the necessary changes.

  1. Long press on the WhatsApp app 
  2. Select or tap on the ‘App info’ icon
  3. A ‘Force Stop’ feature will come on the top of the setting
  4. Tap on the Force Stop feature
  5. Close the WhatsApp app from the background itself. 
  6. After doing this, you will not receive any message from the messages app.

How to reactivate WhatsApp?

This is easy indeed! Whenever you wish to resume with WhatsApp, just open the platform and you will start to get all the messages. But if you would like to disappear from the texting platform, then do not open and use the ‘Force Stop’ option which will stop you from receiving any messages.

Important Note: 

By doing this, the message sender will only see that the message is not delivered to you. If you are using the platform, WhatsApp has a double tick feature to notify users that the message has been delivered, but you haven’t read it. There is another Blue tick which comes after the message has been read by the receiver.


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