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How to convert a document to PDF from your smartphone?

Here are the simple steps to follow in order to convert your document from your smartphone to PDF. 

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: June 20, 2022 22:39 IST
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Document to PDF from smartphone

There are so many things we do from our smartphone- from calling, to chatting to sending pictures and videos to sharing important documents. Hence, a little gadget for so many things. one thing we frequently do is sharing documents and at times, converting them and sharing them for various purposes. But some still struggle to convert the document from word to pdf- and it tends to become a task for them.

This is to let you know that it's no longer rocket science to make a pdf from your handset. The very first thing you need to have is- a good application. You must know that there are some pre-installed apps which allow you to edit a document on your smartphone. 

But if you are unable to find a perfect app on your device to edit and convert the document to PDF, then here are a few tips to follow without buying any extra software.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Open the web browser. 
  2. Go to Google search and type in “Image to pdf creator.” 
  3. Once the converting page is opened, upload the image which you would like to convert 
  4. Post uploading, click on Create PDF 
  5. You will get a download option. Click on the Download
  6. And you are done

You can also convert a pdf from Google docs. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First thing is to have a Google docs installed on your smartphone 
  2. Now upload the word document or excel files on the Google docs
  3. Now try to upload these files on Google drive
  4. Now search the document on Google Drive 
  5. Then upload it on the docs.
  6. Post that make a PDF by clicking on the Plus sign
  7. Then pick the new document or a new template
  8. Add the required information or edit as per the requirements 
  9. Now you will see three dots from on the top-right menu
  10. Click on the same 
  11. Pick the option of Share and Export
  12. Pick the Save as an option now
  13. Choose the format as a PDF document
  14. Click on OK
  15. now export the PDF 
  16. now click on the Download button which is situated at the top.
  17. Now you will get the PDF on your handset


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