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Apple rejects Meta's AI chatbot over privacy concerns: Details here

Apple's refused to integrate Meta’s Llama chatbot which highlights its dedication to user privacy and data security. As the company looks ahead with partnerships and its own AI developments, it remains focused on providing innovative and secure solutions to its users.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: June 25, 2024 13:21 IST
Image Source : REUTERS iPhone

Apple Inc. has reportedly rejected the proposal from Meta Platforms Inc. to integrate Meta's Llama AI chatbot into iPhones. As per the Bloomberg report, Meta and Apple had initially discussed the collaboration in March (2024) regarding the potential integration of Llama into iOS devices. However, it did not advance to a formal agreement as Apple currently have no plans to incorporate Meta’s AI technology into its ecosystem.

Apple's AI collaborations with other players

Apple was reportedly exploring possible partnerships with other major AI developers, including Alphabet and OpenAI. It led to a notable collaboration with OpenAI, which enables them to pay ChatGPT customers to access their subscriptions directly by the iOS operating system. 

This partnership is beneficial for both parties, as it provides OpenAI with revenue opportunities; while Apple further gains from App Store commissions. 

The major tech player is also talking with Alphabet regarding the integration of Gemini AI technology. It further gives Apple's existing relationship with Google via the Safari browser, which could lead to a future collaboration.

Apple's decision and privacy concerns

The decision to reject Meta's Llama chatbot was driven by concerns over privacy. Sources have stated that Apple's stringent privacy standards found Meta’s practices inadequate. 

Also, Apple's vocal criticism of Llama which is integrated into the iPhone would have been inconsistent with its public stance on user privacy. 

Apple's preference for ChatGPT and potential future collaborations with Google’s Gemini align with its commitment to stringent privacy and security measures.

Apple’s AI innovations

At the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024, which took place recently where Apple introduced its suite of AI features under the banner ‘Apple Intelligence.’ 

These features will be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and for the later models, along with the iPads which are equipped with M1 and later chipsets. 

Key features of Apple Intelligence

Enhanced Siri Functionality: Siri will gain on-screen awareness, enabling it to understand and interact with displayed content. For example, users could instruct Siri to find specific photos, take notes directly within apps and perform calculations accordingly.

Third-party app integration- Siri's capabilities are said to extend further, beyond Apple's native applications, which provide functionality within third-party apps as well.

Apple’s commitment to integrating AI into its devices while maintaining high privacy standards has been working on shaping its strategic decisions and product offerings in the AI landscape.

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