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Apple Event 2022: New iPhone SE, iPad Air 5, Mac Studio, iPhone 13 new colour launched | Highlights

Apple at it's Peek Performance event launched iPad Air, iPhone SE with A15 chipset, 3 new Mac Studio and a new colour variant for iPhone 13 Pro

India TV Tech Desk Reported By: India TV Tech Desk Noida Updated on: December 15, 2022 18:15 IST
Apple Event 2022 Live
Image Source : APPLE- YOUTUBE

Live update on apple event

Apple is set to go live with the first virtual event tonight and all we expect is a number of new and updated devices from the company- from iPhone SE 2 5G, to Macbook Air, iPad Air 5, VR headset and more. The event coud be viewed live through the official youtube channel of Apple along with Apple website, and through Apple TV app .

As we all have been speculating, Apple has been hinting on the upgradatio nto its product lineups and with the word “peek”  makes us eager to know what Apple has this year. Here at India TV we are set to give you all the live update from the event to keep you updated with the new launches from the company.

Apple March Event 2022| Heighlights

23:35: Tim Cook announces the first update on Apple TV+

23:38: Apple has announces iPhone 13 Pro in new colour variant- Alpine Green which will be availabe for booking from this friday (in USA) and will be made available for sale from March 18, 2022

23:40: Apple announced A15 chipset which will power the new iPhone SE.

23:42: iPhone SE is designed to last and has a even better battery life, and Apple brings in 5G in the latest iPhone SE.

23:44: The new iPhone SE comes with all the new features of iOS 15, with updated security. And it will come with latest iOS updates for years to come   

23:45: The updated iPhone SE is priced for 429 USD and will be available from March 18

23:46: iPad Air: Apple is taking the perfomance of iPad Air to next level- Tim Cook

23:48: The new iPad Air will be powered by M1 8core GPU- which is twice as fast as any competitive tablets. Air comes with Liquid Retina display. The iPad comes with better improved front camera- 12-megapixel is better and improved. The iPad air will feature the 5G support with better connection.

23:50: iPad OS 15 is packed with powerful new features

23:52: iPad Air comes with 100% recycle materials

23:53: iPad Air is priced for 599 USD. Begin ordering from Friday, and will begin with the availability by March 18

23:57: One latest chip in the M1 family- M1 Ultra for Mac desktop

00:00: Apple unleashes M1 Ultra chip for Mac desktops with faster performance- 800gb/sec, 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, and is 8X faster than M1 chipset supporting Neural engine. Claimed to be game changing chip.

00:05: M1 Ultra is faster, lag-free, the navigation in 3D environment is very fast and it has more room for imporvisation working for better productivity 

00:10: Performance+ Connectivity+ Modularity= To build the studio of their dreams for the users, Apple introduced Mac Studio at the live event. The Mac Studio has been designed with 7.7-inch square design whcih takes very less space and it is designed to produce best deliverable performance.

00:13: Mac Studio Performance: iMac and Mac Pro when compared with M1 Max is 2.5 times faster than iMac, and is 50% faster that Mac Pro. it is 3.4 times faster than iMac.

00:17: Mac Studio claims to bring creativity of most complex designing and working. Mac studio is absolute monster when it comes to performance. It is cable to edit Gigapixel images easily and comes with Fluid playback. On environment front, Mac Studio utilises lesser energy (below 1000kilowatt less energy) and it comes with 100% recycle rare earth elements in all magnets.

00:26: Apple launched Mac Studio at the live event with a 12 MP ultra wide camera along with three mic array for better voice quality. The speaker on Mac Studio supports Spatial Audio for cinamatic experience- with the highest fadility speaker ever made by Apple. The Mac Studio is the combination of best camera and audio on desktop. It supports 3 USB-C ports along with 1 thunderbold port with 96W of charger- with even fast charge for any macbook. can charge 3 apple devices 

Silver and Black  colour variants and Studio has been designed with 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnet, with the starting price of 1999 USD



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