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AC giving cooling troubles? Try these 5 tips for immediate solution

If you are facing some cooling issue with your room AC and are unable to figure out the problem, then here are the tips to improve the same.

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: May 31, 2022 19:11 IST
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5 tips to fix your AC cooling problem

Over-usage of air conditioners might affect the cooling, as the machine might get a bit exhausted. Not only this but there are several more reasons behind it which may affect the cooling of the AC machine. If you are facing some cooling issue, then here are five ways to fix your cooling problem and improve the performance of the machine.

Clean the filters of the AC

We all know that we live in a polluted environment and needs to clean our home on daily basis. The same is the case with the filters of the AC. Precisely it's been more than two months since the summer started affecting the parts of the country. Hence, the machine has been in continuous usage for all these days, so as much as we use it, we need to clear the same too, in order to witness no decline in the performance. 

Uncleaned air filters will certainly affect the cooling system, hence you must take care of the air filter and could manually clean the same with a cloth or directly under the running water. 

Motor issue

There are times when enough power fluctuation might impact the motor of the air conditioner, which is another common issue that air conditioners face and that can impact the cooling system. In such a case, it is advisable to seek help from the company’s service centre, as this concern will be best handled by a professional from the company itself.

Compressor trouble 

It might be the case that the AC compressor may have got damaged and must have impacted the cooling system of the air conditioner. It is indeed an important component for any air conditioner, and its major job is to manage refrigerants in between the evaporator and condenser. 

To cure the concern, you may get the damaged compressor replaced and for this, you will have to seek professional help.

Open doors and windows of the room 

This one indeed is a basic concert but people do forget that AC needs a closed-door and window environment. You must check your doors and windows before switching on your air conditioner, so kindly switch off your exhaust fans, doors and windows. This closed and compact room will certainly cool faster and will help you to save the electricity bill as well.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Many have received the complaint that their AC stops cooling all of a sudden. It is because the thermostat has to be looked at. If AC stops working, you may turn your setting to auto mode for the thermostat to strength up. Also, it is suggested that one must use the AC thermostat setting in the auto mode always.

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