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Here’s why thousands of iPhones are discarded every month

Apple's Activation Lock feature doesn't allow for the recycling of thousands of iPhones every month. Here's how

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New Delhi Published on: December 09, 2019 16:01 IST
Thousands of iPhones are scrapped every month

Thousands of iPhones are scrapped every month

Cupertino tech major Apple is known for its contribution towards the environment with various initiatives it has. However, there remains one area where it needs to focus for the environment as thousands of iPhones are thrown away every month. Here’s why:

Why thousands of iPhones are scrapped?

A report by ZDNET suggests that thousands of Apple iPhones end up either being dumped or in a shredder, and iFixit considers this is a prevalent problem.

The reason for the same is that the iPhones’ Activation Lock feature is never disabled. For those who don’t know, the Activation Lock feature in an iPhone or any other Apple product (with the T2 security chip) links the devices to an Apple ID. 

If an Apple ID isn’t fully logged out from an Apple device that is meant for recycling, the Activation Lock feature can’t be unlocked until the correct username and password are provided.

This won’t allow for an iPhone (a MacBook or an iPad for that matter) to be revamped or resold. This, in turn, results in the disposal of an iPhone or perhaps, in a shredder.

Phil Schindler, owner of a Colorado-based electronics recycler suggests that around six to eight thousand locked iPhones come in for scrapping per month. One thing worth noting is that the number is for a single recycler and there several out there.

To avoid the unnecessary scrapping of iPhones, Apple must come up with a system wherein locked iPhones can easily be accessed and are given for refurbishing or resale.

We hope Apple pays attention to the issue and finds a solution soon.

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