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RIP Stephen Hawking: 5 videos of cosmology’s brightest star you need to watch

Stephen Hawking breathed his last on 14th March 2018. He was 76.

Written by: India TV Tech Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: March 14, 2018 17:41 IST ]
Image Source : PTI RIP Stephen Hawking: 5 videos of cosmology’s brightest star you need to watch

Physicist and author of ‘Brief History of Time’ Stephen Hawking passed away at 76 on Wednesday. The dark day in science is being mourned by million across the globe. Hawking is one of the most famous cosmologists and theoretical physicists of our time. He held the prestigious Lucasian Professor of Mathematics chair at the University of Cambridge till 2009. At a very young age, he was diagnosed with ALS, a form of motor neurone disease. The doctors didn’t expect him to live more than 5 years but there he was. He defied all laws of science and built a legacy in his lifespan of 76 years. He is more than just an inspiration for people with disabilities. His theories in Physics have opened the doors to many possibilities which we’re going to explore for centuries to come.

Let’s watch some of his videos in which Stephen Hawking is speaking about the universe, AI and much more.

Stephen Hawking’s TED Talk ‘Questioning the Universe’

In this TED Talk video, Hawking spoke about the Big Bang Theory, shedding light on why the universe emerged the way it did and whether anything existed before the Big Bang Theory. He also spoke about life on other planets in the universe.

Stephen Hawking with John Oliver at Last Week Tonight

John Oliver interviewed Stephen Hawking in Last Week Tonight’s People Who Think Good series. He talked about parallel universes, AI and about other topics. Hawking also warned about the possible dangers AI can put on our future.

Stephen Hawking on What Existed Before Big Bang with Neil deGrasse Tyson

In the video, Stephen Hawking spoke about what existed before the Big Bang. From imaginary time to universe’s boundary, Hawking said it all in this video.

Stephen Hawking’s Q&A session at Imperial College London

Professor Stephen Hawking gave a live Q&A session to the students of Imperial College London around two years ago.

Stephen Hawking at White House

Stephen Hawking was at White House to attend the Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards ceremony back in 2009. There, in an interview, he spoke about his life which is no less than an inspiration for millions of viewers out there.

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