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PUBG Mobile celebrates Spring Party by giving away free Apple AirPods: Here's how you can win

PUBG Mobile is now giving away physical rewards, which include a real Level 3 Golden Helmet, Apple AirPods, Google Play gift cards and more.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 23, 2020 13:25 IST
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PUBG Mobile is now giving away free AirPods. Here's how you can get one

PUBG Mobile is celebrating the Spring Party event by introducing a new in-game theme, outfit, new rewards and much more. In order to take things to the next level, the company is offering both in-game and physical rewards for free. During this Winner Winner Lucky Together event, PUBG Mobile players can win a physical Gold Level 3 Helmet, Apple Airpds and a lot more. Here's how you can win exciting rewards this season.

Apart from the real Level 3 Golden Helmet and Apple AirPods, lucky winners can also get Apple Store and Google Play gift cards, which can later be redeemed to purchase apps, in-game content and a lot more. Tencent likes to refer the event as Red Packet Drop event and it is scheduled to begin on January 24 and will go on till January 28, 2020.

Alongside the Red packet Drop event, the game has also introduced the Spring Party Lantern Exchange event. This event allows gamers to collect different materials, which can be later used to make lanterns. These materials can be collected while playing Classic mode matches and each lantern will require five separate unique materials to complete. Players can even exchange the materials with their in-game friends to build the lanterns faster. Upon completion, the players will be rewarded with a rare outfit. Most outfits rewarded during an event like this remain for a short period of time. However, the Spring Party outfit will remain permanently on the player's account.

That's not it. PUBG Mobile also has two other special events going on that can also provide in-game rewards. These events include the “Prosperous Spring Login Rewards” and the “New Year’s Eve Pack”. As the name suggests, the Prosperous Spring Login Rewards will help players collect a reward upon cumulative logins. The user will need to log in every day till January 30 to get the Rat Costume. As for the “New Year’s Eve Pack” event, gamers can get a special Rat Year Package between January 23 to January 24 by simply logging into the game.


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