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Lunar Eclipse 2020 tonight: How to watch Chandra grahan LIVE, direct link to watch on Android, iPhone, Laptop

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Wolf Moon Eclipse will take place today. Read on to know about the timings of Chandra Grahan in India, how to take pictures, and where to watch lunar eclipse and direct link to Chandra Grahan live streaming.  

India TV Tech Desk Written by: India TV Tech Desk
New Delhi Updated on: January 10, 2020 16:21 IST
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How to watch Lunar Eclipse 2020 live online

After the last solar eclipse 2019, it’s time for the first lunar eclipse of the decade that has begun. The Lunar Eclipse 2020 will happen on January 10 and will be visible to people in India and countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Being one of the first penumbral lunar eclipses of 2020, here’s how you can take advantage of technology and watch the Lunar Eclipse 2020 live online.

Before we start, for those who don't know, a penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes through the moon and the sun. The event leads to the Earth's shadow being cast on the moon. Additionally, in a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon appears much bigger.

Lunar Eclipse Timings, when to watch Wolf Eclipse online in India

The Lunar Eclipse 2020 will take place for 4 hours. It will begin at 10:37 pm IST on January 10 and will go on until 2:42 am IST on January 11.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Details 

The Moon will pass through the Earth's shadow between 22:38 and 02:42 IST, creating a penumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible any location where the Moon is above the horizon at the time, including from Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Northern America.

It will be visible from Mumbai in the northern sky. The Moon will lie 85° above the horizon at the moment of greatest eclipse.

Direct link to watch Lunar Eclipse in India 

If you wish to stream the lunar eclipse online, you can do so by heading to YouTube and searching for the ‘CosmoSapiens’ YouTube channel for the same. Here’s the embedded video for the same for the ease of streaming the Lunar Eclipse 2020 live:

Lunar Eclipse 2020: How to take good pictures of Lunar Eclipse 2020 via smartphones

Lunar eclipses being one of the beautiful sights of nature, it gets mandatory to capture them on our smartphones. Unlike solar eclipses, you are required to use special glasses to see them and can directly view them. To get good images of the Lunar Eclipse 2020 here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

  • Try going to a clear location, specifically at a height to capture the lunar eclipse well.
  • It is best advised to use a tripod so that you can take a steady shot.
  • Go to the location before time and plan your shot; the subjects you want to take in your image.
  • Focus the moon and set the focus so that a clear image is taken.
  • Enable the HDR mode on your smartphone for enhanced images. Also, set the exposure right.
  • Do not switch on the flash or zoom while taking the images.
  • Opt for high-resolution for images. This can be done from the camera settings.
  • If possible, go for the pro mode so that you can adjust the various camera settings.
  • You can also enable the time-lapse mode or make a video as well.
  • Lastly, edit your images. This can be done via popular apps such as Adobe lightroom PicsArt, or whichever suits you best.
  • Last but not least, click as many photos as possible.

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