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COVID-19 Hotspot Tracker: This website can show if you are in or near Containment Zone

With the help of the new COVID-19 Hotspots tracker, users will be able to see what locations are identified as containment zones across India. This is also important because of lockdown restrictions many people will begin to travel for work, it is important to know the coronavirus hotspots that are in your path or near you.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 19, 2020 21:08 IST
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People can use this website to check if they fall in a containment zone.

Coronavirus Pandemic has been impacting our lives since it first surfaced. There have been over 1 lakh cases in India. While people are trying to stay at home as a nationwide lockdown has been imposed, a lot of things are dependent on travel such as the delivery of goods, e-commerce giants and more.

However, in order to travel between separate areas, people will need to make sure they are not in the containment zone. Thankfully, there is a website for that now. Covid Hotspot Tracker

Covid19hotspots.in is a new website powered by MoveInSync. The website basically allows users to check which location is currently impacted the most. This can also let you know whether you are a part of an area that comes under the containment zone or not.

While people can check this to ensure their travel is safe, this will also help them to better understand if courier services or e-commerce giants can make delivers or not.

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