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Apple iPhone Launch Event: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Apple Series 4 Watch launched

Tim Cook took the stage at the live Apple event and went on to launch the new Apple Series 4 watch, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and an affordable iPhone XR. The iPhone XS starts at $999 (roughly Rs 71,800), whereas the iPhone XS Max starts at $1099 (roughly Rs 79,000).

Reported by: India TV Tech Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: September 15, 2018 16:05 IST ]

 Apple iPhone launch event 2018 live blog: Apple iPhone press conference, 

As Apple raised the curtain of the event with Tim Cook taking the stage, it was the Apple Watch Series 4 that was first unveiled. Although fans were more eager to learn about the new iPhone but sat patiently till Cook went on to say that the new iPhone XS happens to take the iPhones to the next level. The event showcased the launch of iPhone XS that comes in colour options of Gold along with Space Gary and Silver, along with the iPhone XS Max and the more affordable iPhone XR.

Talking about the price, the iPhone XS 64GB is priced at $999, iPhone XS 256 GB for $1149 and the iPhone XS 512 GB variant costs $1349. The iPhone XS Max 64 GB, on the other hand, costs $1099, the iPhone XS Max 256 GB costs $1249 and the iPhone XS Max 512 GB variant costs $1449. The lower variant iPhone XR price starts at $749 for 64 GB, $799 for 128 GB and $899 for 256 GB. 

Highlights of the Apple iPhone 2018 event:

00.14 IST: Storage and Price- 

The iPhone XR: 64/128/256 GB prices start from $749, iPhone XS: 64/256/512 GB prices start from $999, iPhone XS Max: 64/256/512 GB prices start from $1099 and one can pre-ordered it from 14 September. The deliveries will start on 21 September and India shipments will start on 28 September.

The older iPhone 7 now will come with a price tag of $449, whereas the iPhone 8 will now start from $599.

00.11 IST: MacOS Mojave coming on 24 September

00.10 IST: Prices are out!!!


00.04 IST: iPhone Xr camera

00.03 IST: The iPhone Xr specifications include the new A12 Bionic chip- it comes with a 12 MP camera with wide angle lens, similar to that of on the iPhone Xs.

00.00 IST: The iPhone Xr gets a 6.1 inch LCD display- the resolution looks low and is nothing compared to the OLED technology.

23.59 IST: Its the new iPhone Xr that sports a liquid retina display.

23.58 IST: One more iPhone!!!!!!

23.57 IST: DSDS- Bye Bye single SIM iPhone's

23.56 IST: Finally DSDS- Dual SIM technology!

23.55 IST: Bokeh improvements- The bokeh mode looks significantly improved significantly, thanks to the Apple AI chip.

23.53 IST: HDR Baby! That too with zero shutter lag

23.52 IST: Interesting shoot indeed

23.49 IST: Like seriously! Why a 7MP camera on the front

Apple really has to work on its selfie game, looking at the likes of other Android phones

23.47 IST: 12 MP wide angle and 12 MP telephoto camera

23.46 IST: Cameras- The rear camera comes with 2x 12 MP cameras, backed with a better true tone flash, whereas the front camera comes with a 7 MP unit that is twice as fast.

23.45 IST: PUBG Players, hmm..

23.42 IST: Basketball shot with the camera- it uses the CoreML and this next developer, HomeCourt is using the Neural Engine and the iPhone camera to track the basketball shot, in the given real-time.

23.40 IST: Blades will coming this fall and Tod says it's up for pre-order right now.

23.37 IST: The iPhone Xs and Xs Max come with Augmented reality

23.35 IST: True Indeed

23.30 IST:  Both iPhones feature a real-time machine learning ability-  It comes with Neural Engine that will support real-time machine learning.

23.25 IST:  The phones are fast really fast- Both the phones come with iOS 12 and the apps open 30% faster.

23.22 IST: The iPhone comes with 512GB storage.

23.20 IST:  Powering the phones is the A12 Bionic 7nm chip.

23.17 IST:  The iPhone Xs Max comes with 6.5 inch OLED display. 

23.15 IST: It comes with a 5.8 inch OLED display.

23.12 IST: The iPhone Xs has been unveiled. It comes built with a stainless steel and comes with IP68.

23.10 IST: Tim is back on the stage of the live Apple event and is talking about the new iPhone. 

23.07 IST:  It comes with a watch OS 5.

23.05 IST: The side crown comes with hepatic feedback.

23.00 IST:  It comes with an 18-hour battery.

22.52 IST: The back of the watch features an ECG technology that is embedded in the backside of the watch to diagnose the heart rate.

22.51 IST: Fall detection technology comes with SOS feature that makes an emergency call, in case it notices no movement by the user.

22.50 IST: The Apple watch comes with a feature that can detect a person falling.

22.45 IST: The watch comes powered by a dual-core S4 processor.

22.43 IST: It comes with a new UI and backs a lot of health-activity.

22.40 IST: Apple Series 4 is out and the screen of the watch is 30% larger.

22.39 IST: Tim invites Jeff on stage to showcase the Apple Watch.

22.38 IST: The Apple event starts and Tim Cook takes the stage.

22.37 IST: Hi everyone


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