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WhatsApp Latest Tricks: How to use one WhatsApp number on two smartphones?

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Now you can use one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones. Here's how it works on Android and iPhone.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 07, 2020 10:28 IST
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WhatsApp's latest trick allows using one account on two devices. Here's how it works. 

WhatsApp is constantly working on new features to make the user experience better. Lately, the Facebook-owned giant has been working on the multiple-device support feature, which will basically allow users to run a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices. This could even bring WhatsApp to iPad soon. Until then, users will need to look for a workaround to make the app work on multiple devices. 

WhatsApp account can be used on another device with various applications available on the Google Play Store. While all of these apps use the same technique, we would recommend downloading Whatscan Pro as it has the best ratings out of all. The app is quite basic and uses WhatsApp web to allow log-in of an existing account. This means you will be able to chat with your friends and even send and receive media. However, both devices will need an internet connection at all times. 

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices? 


  • Download and install the Whatscan Pro app on your Android smartphone via the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and tap on Whatscan
  • This will open the WhatsApp Web page where it will require you to scan a QR code to login to your WhatsApp account. Scan this code using the phone in which WhatsApp is installed by heading over to WhatsApp > WhatsApp Web.
  • Once done, the WhatsApp web interface will welcome you with all your chats at one place.

Alternatively, users can also head over to web.whatsapp.com on the browser installed on their smartphone. This will not directly take them to the WhatsApp Web page, which is why the user will need to switch to Desktop mode. On Google Chrome, this can be done by tapping on the 3-dot icon and then selecting Desktop Site. This method will work on both Android and iOS devices. However, this will have scaling issues, which means the user will not have the best experience possible.

Why use WhatsApp on multiple devices?

Depending on your use case, the above-mentioned methods can come in handy for a lot of users. In case your phone runs out of juice but you really need to continue the chat with someone, you can always put your primary device on charge and use the second one instead. Also, users can finally use WhatsApp on iPads and other Android tablets. 

Do note that this feature currently allows only two devices at a time. Once WhatsApp has officially rolled out the multi-device login feature, the app will work seamlessly on more than 2 smartphones.

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