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Kids staying at home due to Coronavirus threat: Keep them busy with these Android, iOS apps

If you are getting bored at home, these learning apps can help you pass your time and learn something new

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New Delhi Updated on: March 23, 2020 18:31 IST
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Learn at home with these apps

Coronavirus has clearly become a matter of concern, so much that it forced us into self-isolation and staying at home and lockdown in India. Schools, colleges and even offices aren't open for us and quarantine is the safest solution as of now. While us adults are working from home, kids tend to not really have much to do amidst the crisis. Hence, here is a list of useful apps that can help kids easily study home or acquire a new skill and not fall prey to boredom. Read on to know about the apps.

Study at home with these Android, iOS apps

BYJU’s: BYJU’s is one of the famous e-learning platforms out there. The ‘Learning App’ provides school students with a place to study online with ease. It has study material for classes 4 to 12, covering subjects such as Maths and Science. It also provides material for preparatory exams such as CAT, NEET & JEE, IAS, GRE & GMAT, and more.

The app enables fun and interesting videos for kids to watch and acquire learnings from them. The platform also hosts tests, analysis, and revision modules so that kids conveniently study and remember what they have learnt from the comfort of their homes. In addition to this, BYJU’s has a website version.

Availability: Android, iOS

Udemy: Udemy is one of the popular platforms for online courses with more than 45,000 courses at your disposal. Be it a photography course or a course to improve your writing skills, you name it and Udemy has it for you.

Since staying at home can be boring, kids can get indulged in the online courses they want. It need not be related to their syllabus but will add on to their skills. Udemy has both an app and a website version and all you need to do is register on the platform, select the course you want to go for, and you are good to go. One thing worth noting is that the courses are paid. However, they aren’t too expensive so you can definitely go for them so that you take away something while you are at home.

Availability: Android, iOS

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is yet another e-learning platform that lets children study online for a variety of subjects such as Maths, Science, Economics, Humanities, History, and even a couple of competitive examinations.

The Khan Academy app has tests, practice papers, quizzes, step-by-step hints, and instant feedback so studying is not problematic over the internet. The app also contains numerous interactive exercises, videos, articles related to various topics. One interesting thing about Khan Academy is that it has a learning library, which is free for all to access. Furthermore, the app can also work offline as topics can be bookmarked and downloaded to view when there is poor or no internet connectivity.

Availability: Android, iOS

Skillshare: Skillshare is an online platform where users can select an online course and acquire a new skill. The SkillShare app explores the creative side of the wide range of courses available for us. From calligraphy to photography, the app allows you to watch videos from experts and get knowledge on a new skill.

The app allows you to view the videos of various courses and even create projects so that While there are in-app purchases, the app comes with a 30-day free trial for users to watch and download the courses available. Additionally, SkillShare Premium users can use the app offline as well.

Availability: Android, iOS

Extramarks: Extramarks is a learning app that provides school-going children with online NCERT study material for both CBSE and ICSE exams. An AI bot called Alex helps kids go through the app and acquire all the learnings needed. 

There is help for essays, projects, homework, tests, and assignments covering all subjects for all classes. The AI study bot will personalise the learning for each student so that it gets easier to learn stuff at a kid’s own pace. Users can also click a picture of a problem and ask Alex to help out solve it. Furthermore, the app ensures real-time problem-solving solutions, doubt resolution, and mentorship on part of the teachers.

Availability: Android, iOS

We hope the aforementioned learning apps help kids and even adults pass their time and learn something new/or renew something old when it is necessary for you to stay at home.

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