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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 7 Highlights: Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 26-20

Dominant Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Dabang Delhi K.C 26-20 in the Match no. 7 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: August 01, 2017 21:05 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

New entrants Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 26-20 in Match 7 Pro Kabaddi League 2017 season five at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. Led by inspirational Sukesh Hegde, Gujarat showed great skill and confidence in their debut game against a seasoned team like Delhi. While, Delhi simply failed to repeat their performance of their last match and clearly lacked a gameplan in the tense encounter. 

Delhi's R. Sriram gets the 'Perfect Raider' award, whereas, 'Player of the Match' was award to Iran's Fazel Atrachali.


20.55 IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants made a winning debut in Pro Kabaddi League 2017, they beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 26-20 

20.52 IST: Touch point for Delhi, brilliant work from the raider. Delhi 20-26

20.52 IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants All-out! Delhi 19-26 Gujarat

20.49 IST: Raider out for Gujarat, Delhi get one more point. Delhi 16-26

20.48 IST: REVIEW for Gujarat Fortunegiants!

20.47 IST: Good work from Delhi raider, another point for them. Delhi 15-26 Gujarat 

20.46 IST: Running hand touch for Dabang Delhi, Delhi 14-26

20.43 IST: One defence point for Delhi, Dabang Delhi 13-26 Gujarat

20.42 IST: Technical point awarded to Delhi, 12-26

20.41 IST: Two points for Dabang Delhi in raiding, Delhi 11-26 

20.39 IST: Touch point for Gujarat, Delhi has no answer at the moment, Gujarat 26-9

20.36 IST: Dabang Delhi K.C. suffer second All-out of the match, Gujarat 25-9 Delhi 

20.35 IST: Touch point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 22-8

20.34 IST: Easy pickings for Gujarat at the moment, combination tackle this time. Gujarat 21-8

20.33 IST: Strong defence from Gujarat score again, Gujarat 20-8 Delhi

20.31 IST: Gujarat get one more touch point, 19-8

20.30 IST: One more for Gujarat in defence, Fortunegiants 18-8 Delhi

20.29 IST: Point for Gujarat this time, Fortunegiants 17-7 Delhi 

20.28 IST: One more point for Delhi, 7-16

20.27 IST: Delhi pick up one point in raiding, Delhi 6-16 Gujarat

20.26 IST: Gujarat get one point in raid at the start of second half, Fortunegiants 16-5 Delhi

Debutants Gujarat lead by 10 points at the end of the first half against Delhi.

20.21 IST: Another error from Delhi gives one more point to Gujarat, Gujarat Fortunegiants 15-5 vs Dabang Delhi K.C. at half-time.

20.20 IST: All-out Dabang Delhi K.C., Gujarat 14-5 

20.19 IST: Gujarat pick one more point, error from Delhi this time (Technical point), Gujarat 10-5

20.17 IST: Point for Delhi this time, Dabang Delhi K.C. 5-8

20.16 IST: One more point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 8-4

20.15 IST: Another point for the newbies Gujarat, 7-4

20.14 IST: Gujarat pick up point in raid, Fortunegiants 6-4

20.12 IST: Delhi pick up a point in raid this time, they trail by just one point. Delhi 4-5 Gujarat

20.11 IST: Another point for Dabang Delhi, 3-5

20.09 IST: Gujarat showing some real power in this contest, one more point to them, Gujarat 5-2

20.08 IST: Strong defence from Dabang Delhi, Delhi 2-4 Gujarat 

20.06 IST: Gujarat get one back in defence, Fortunegiants 4-1

20.06 IST: First point for Delhi in the match, they trail by two points 1-3

20.05 IST: Gujarat skipper Sukesh Hegde gets a Green Card

20.04 IST: New entrants Gujarat leading right now, 3-0 against Dabang Delhi

20.01 IST: Abolfazl Maghsodlou Empty Raid, 0-0

19.58 IST: 

19.56 IST: 

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