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RSS Will Teach A Lesson, Says Mohan Bhagwat

Lucknow, Nov 10 : The RSS on Wednesday carried out nationwide protests against what it called a political conspiracy to target the Hindu outfits in the guise of "saffron terrorism".Addressing a rally in Lucknow, RSS

Updated on: November 10, 2010 15:31 IST
rss will teach a lesson says mohan bhagwat
rss will teach a lesson says mohan bhagwat

Lucknow, Nov 10 : The RSS on Wednesday carried out nationwide protests against what it called a political conspiracy to target the Hindu outfits in the guise of "saffron terrorism".

Addressing a rally in Lucknow, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat  alleged that there was a well planned conspiracy to tag the saffron outfit as a terrorist organisation and said it will come out clean.

"Dragging Sangh into an unnecessary controversy is not a new phenomenon and this time also it is being made a scapegoat by those who are feeling insecure of losing their place in Delhi," Bhagwat said.

"But this time Sangh has decided to tell the people what the reality is. We will fight it in the court, publicise our view and will reach out to the people and tell them the reality," he said while referring to allegations against RSS functionary Indresh Kumar, who is being associated with Ajmer blast.

Even after this, if those conspiring against the organisation continue with their nefarious attempts Sangh will teach them a lesson, Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief said that staging dharna was neither the nature nor work culture of the organisation.

"For the first time in the history of the organisation a Sarsangh Chalak has not only attended a dharna but also addressed the meeting as a conspiracy was being hatched to tag terrorism with the RSS," he said.

In an apparent reference on the alleged involvement of Indresh Kumar in the Ajmer blast, Bhagwat said, "This is a sheer lie. Those who are involved in blasts were either not the members of the Sangh or they were ousted from the organisation long back due to their violent nature."

He said that RSS and violence were antonym and non-violence is the base of the organisation which can never be changed.

"But taking advantage of the situation, some people started talking about Hindu terrorism, but after realising that it will result in an outrage, they renamed it as saffron terrorism," he said.

"By calling names of some persons an effort is being made to prove that Sangh is terrorist outfit. People against whom allegations are being made have an open character. They are the people who serve the country and teach others how to become a good citizen," he said.

The RSS chief alleged that since 2003 attacks were being carried out on saints as a well planned conspiracy to demoralise Hindus.

"First Kanchi Acharya was arrested and dirty allegations were levelled against him, then Swami Laxman, who was working for the welfare of tribals in Odisha was killed. Everyone knows about the conspirators, but they are still roaming free," he alleged.

Bhagwat said that the RSS was cooperating even in the bomb blasts cases as it was alleged that some persons were under suspicion.

"Though no chargesheet has been filed yet, some politicians have started making baseless statement. A person made such a hilarious statement which is not even worth mentioning," he said.

The RSS chief said that no chargesheet was filed against Indresh so far and he was not even named among accused.

"Even probe agencies have said that a lot is yet to be inquired. Everyone knows that his name is being dragged unnecessarily," he said.

"At time when baseless things are being said against Indresh, we realised that keeping mum was not right and reality should come before the country," he said.

Bhagwat said that the problem was not for the RSS only but the entire Hindu society as an effort was being made to demoralise them by spreading canard.

"Respecting the Constitutional traditions, we had been working silently so far, but this is the limit. Today danger looms large over peace, unity and integrity of the country and people should realise it," he said.

"Those who are indulging in such activities will not get benefited and truth will finally come out. RSS will face this test and will come out cleaner," he added.

Bhagwat said that Sangh was a big hurdle in front of those who follow the Britisher's policy of divide and rule as it works for the unity, security and integrity of the country.

"Those who are in favour of separation of Kashmir are allowed to organise a seminar in Delhi and no action is being taken against the Chief Minister who talks in favour of Pakistan, but efforts are being made to silence the RSS which is opposing such activities," he said.

Bhagwat alleged that politicians, who divide the society in the name of religion, caste and creed for their vested interest, were behind the conspiracy.

"When the court gave its verdict on Ayodhya issue on September 30, I appealed to the people to remain united. I said that it is not about victory or defeat and it was an attempt to create an environment in the country, but there were people who realised that their vote bank politics will come to an end," he said.

The RSS chief said a political leader, who before the verdict came said that its decision will be acceptable, attempted to provoke Muslims later.

"They have no glitch in doing anything which brings vote and are insensitive on what will happen to the country," he alleged.

He said that the term Hindu has a bigger reference than being used in common parlance.

"For me every person, who lives in India, irrespective of his religion and caste is a Hindu," he said.

"Even after the Britishers left the country politics of divide and rule existed. Sangh appeals to people to rise above all this," he said.

He alleged that an effort was being made to create a fear of Sangh in the mind of Muslims.  PTI