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Pepper spray as shameful as cash-for-vote scam: Advani

New Delhi: Stating that parliament has hit an all time low under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, BJP veteran L.K. Advani Sunday said the pepper spray episode is as shameful as

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Updated on: February 16, 2014 17:26 IST
"No less shameful for the prestige and reputation of the Indian Parliament than this Cash-for-Episode Scam that occurred in UPA I's time is the ugly scenes witnessed under UPA II," he said.

Advani added: "Limits of unsavory behavior were crossed... when apart from a repeat performance of the previous day a Congress Party MP pulled out a black pepper spray and started spraying it all around so that several MPs including Sushma Swaraj had tears in her eyes, and many others were seen coughing in acute discomfort."

The BJP leader also said Manmohan Singh began his tenure with a "clean personal reputation", but at the end of his tenure "he would leave behind him a record of having presided over the most corrupt government in Independent India".

Advani said that most of the scams have come to light only because exposures made by the Comptroller and Auditor General or the judiciary.
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