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Coronavirus: Traveller from Wuhan tested positive in Singapore

The development has increased fears of spread of Coronavirus to more countries.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 23, 2020 20:14 IST
Coronavirus: Traveller from Wuhan tested positive in Singapore
Image Source : AP

Coronavirus: Traveller from Wuhan tested positive in Singapore (Representative image)

Coronavirus: A Chinese national travelling in from Wuhan has been tested positive for Coronavirus in Singapore. Sputnik News has cited Singaporean Health Ministry to report this news. According to the news report the 66-year-old man travelled from Wuhan in China to Singapore with nine companions on Monday. Wuhan is the epicentre of Coronavirus outbreak. The man in question is a resident of Wuhan. The fresh development has increased fears that the virus may spread to more countries of the world. However, Singaporean Health Ministry has said that there was no need to panic.

Wuhan falls in China's Hubei province. Hubei Health Commission on Wednesday addressed a press conference on the control of the novel coronavirus as well as the supervision of cultural and travel markets. 

The experts informed that they are keeping an eye on animal sector, online food sector as well as the availability of masks and other medical aids. 

Meanwhile, China has sealed off Wuhan City that is home to 11 million people. The step has been taken in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

India has stepped up efforts to prevent Coronavirus' entry within its borders as well.

On Thursday, Ministry of Health said that no cases of Coronavirus were detected in India and that more than 12,000 travellers from China were screened for infection. Passengers at airports in metros as well as other cities are being screened. Health Ministry has already sent an advisory to states and states in turn, are keeping their health apparatus on alert. Hospitals are being readied for  an eventuality of Coronavirus outbreak.

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