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'Let's turn Jantar Mantar into Tahrir Square!'

New Delhi, Jan 1: It has been four days since the gang-rape victim passed away. But the anger refuses to melt away in the very heart of the Indian capital.Within stone's throw distance of the

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk Updated on: January 02, 2013 16:33 IST

Then there are the middle-aged, both men and women. Many have pathetic stories to relate, stories of women who got raped or molested or browbeaten, victims who have aged while fighting for justice.

There is anger and frustration in everyone's voice. But one thing is clear: a simple lower middle class girl who got brutally gang-raped and tortured and died in Singapore has triggered a volcanic eruption.

Even after her death, she remains the cause keeping everyone united.

The biggest of the groups occupies virtually the middle of the road. These protesters have been holding on to Jantar Mantar ever since police permitted protests here after the Dec 16 gang-rape shamed India.

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