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Fuel prices hike in Karnataka: A look at petrol, diesel rates across the Indian states

As Karnataka faces backlash over rising fuel prices, CM Siddaramaiah highlights that the state's taxes are still lower than many others. We compare fuel prices in Indian states to provide a comprehensive view.

Written By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar New Delhi Published on: June 17, 2024 17:19 IST
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Amid the uproar over rising fuel prices in Karnataka, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured citizens that the government remains committed to keeping fuel prices reasonable. He emphasised that Karnataka's revised rates are still more affordable than those in neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

"The Government of Karnataka has increased VAT on petrol to 29.84 per cent and on diesel to 18.44 per cent. Even after this hike, our state's taxes on fuel remain lower than most South Indian states and similar economy-sized states like Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, the VAT on petrol is 25 per cent plus an additional Rs 5.12 tax, and on diesel, it is 21 per cent. Karnataka's revised rates are still more affordable," CM Siddaramaiah told reporters.

Now, amid the political tensions, we provide a comprehensive analysis, comparing the fuel prices across all Indian states:

State Petrol Price in Rs Diesel Price in Rs
Andhra Pradesh 109.61 97.42
Arunachal Pradesh 93.48 82.83
Assam  97.44 89.68
Bihar 107.17 93.89
Chhattisgarh 101.52 94.45
Goa 95.36 87.92
Delhi 94.72 87.62
Gujarat 94.44 90.11
Haryana 95.46 88.29
Himachal Pradesh 93.77 86.12
Madhya Pradesh 107.52 92.83
Maharashtra 104.76 91.26
Meghalaya 94.92 85.89
Odisha 102.73 94.24
Rajasthan  104.69 90.19
Tripura 96.64 85.72
Uttar Pradesh 94.70 88.58
Manipur 99.15 85.23
Uttarakhand 93.82 88.58
Jharkhand 98.17 92.92
Karnataka 103.55 89.59
Kerala  106.30 95.24
Mizoram 93.79 80.38
Nagaland 96.17 84.64
Punjab 96.81 87.10
Sikkim 100.85 88.00
Tamil Nadu 102.00 93.60
West Bengal 104.75 91.51
Telangana 109.41 97.51

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