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BJP accuses Congress of using 'toolkit' to destroy PM Modi's image amid second wave

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that the Congress toolkit highlights how the party wants to strengthen itself using the pandemic.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 18, 2021 14:20 IST
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BJP accuses Congress of using 'toolkit' to destroy PM Modi's image amid second wave

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused the Congress of resorting to tactics to destroy the reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid the raging second wave of Covid-19 and also the country's image. Party spokesperson Sambit Patra on Tuesday said that the Congress party has prepared a toolkit wherein it has instructed party workers to call the mutant strain as ‘Modi strain’.

He said that the toolkit highlights how the Congress party wants to strengthen itself using the pandemic. It has exposed, Patra said, the intentions and its attempts to spread misinformation.

Patra said that the grand old party attempted to tarnish PM Modi's image using various methods. Patra claimed that Congress has asked its workers to call the Kumbh Mela a superspreader event and instructed them not to share the images of crowded Eid markets and celebrations on social media platforms.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the new strain of the coronavirus would not be named after India, but the Congress wants to do so. The opposition party is ready to tarnish the country's image for its politics, Patra said.

Quoting the Congress' toolkit, he said, "There is a column 'Prime Minister Modi's image'. It says that the approval rating of Prime Minister Modi has been high and has not dipped despite the crisis and mismanagement. This is an opportunity to destroy his image and erode his popularity." Patra said that the Congress has admitted that the Prime Minister has managed to handle the crisis but it sees an opportunity in the prevailing situation to erode his popularity.

The BJP leader further alleged that no stone has been left unturned to tarnish India's image with the help of foreign journalists.

"Use resources created on social media to question PM Modi’s incompetence from handles which look like Modi or BJP supporters. Roping in foreign publications is mentioned. This kind of a web is being spun. We are seeing this happen in international media. Now we know the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi are behind it," he said.

The BJP leader added that the toolkit talks about magnifying the crisis using images of dead bodies.

"My heart aches to see that the Congress is using the deceased for its toolkit. It is urging volunteers to use dependable words for Modi so that it becomes acceptable," he said.

"Instead of fighting corona, looking at ways to help patients, they are building a toolkit to demean the nation. They want 'Indian strain' to be used in articles. This has shown the true face of the Congress party. It is the same design that Rahul Gandhi follows to tweet," he added.

Earlier today, he tweeted: "Friends look at the #CongressToolKit in extending help to the needy during the Pandemic! More of a PR exercise with the help of “Friendly Journalists” & “Influencers” than a soulful endeavour. Read for yourselves the agenda of the Congress."

"Disgusting to say the least ..Rahul Gandhi wanting to use this opportunity of Pandemic to destroy the image of PM Modi. Congress workers instructed to call the mutant strain as “Modi strain” No stone left unturned to scar the name of India with the help of Foreign Journalists!!" he tweeted.

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