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Cheetahs have great importance in Hinduism too, says this top seer

The Cheetahs have been brought to India as part of 'Project Cheetah' from Namibia.

India TV News Desk Edited By: India TV News Desk New Delhi Published on: September 17, 2022 23:02 IST
Pundrik Goswami Maharaj
Image Source : INDIA TV Pundrik Goswami Maharaj

India is celebrating the 72nd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Various special programs are being organized across the country on the birthday of PM Modi. On his birthday, PM Modi released eight cheetahs in the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Eight cheetahs from Namibia were brought to Gwalior by a special cargo plane. After this, they were taken to Kuno National Park by Chinook helicopter. Of these eight cheetahs, five are females and three are males, officials said. They have been brought to India as part of 'Project Cheetah' from Namibia. After releasing big cats in the national park, PM Modi said that the nature-loving consciousness of India is being awakened with full force. 

It is clear that due to the arrival of these cheetahs, there will be positive changes in the environment and by rehabilitating the extinct cheetahs, biodiversity will be enriched further. But do you know that cheetahs have great importance in Hinduism too? On the occasion of the launch of Project Cheetah, Vrindavan-based Acharya Pundrik Goswami Maharaj of Shri Manadhva-Gaudeshwar- Vaishnava Peetham, congratulated PM Modi on his birthday and highlighted the religious importance of cheetahs. 

Pundrik Goswami Maharaj said, "Cheetahs have always been deeply important in Hindu religion and Indian culture for ages. Cheetahs have always been a symbol of grandeur, power, beauty, and fierceness. Apart from this, they have always been displayed as a symbol of valor and courage. The sacred Durga Saptashati, which is recited on the occasion of Navratras, clearly mentions the cheetah as the vehicle of Goddess Durga. Grace, strength, agility, and immense power. This combination has given cheetahs a reputation in Indian culture. Apart from this, their religious importance is also described in the Vedas. Some references have been given in Atharvaveda and Yajurveda". 

For example- in Yajurveda, it is mentioned in hymn 5.7 for Rudra and Agni that they have the power of cheetahs. Also, another hymn 5.21 explains that cheetahs are like domestic fires. Apart from this, it is also believed that Lord Shiva also wears its skin.  Pundrik Goswami Maharaj said that apart from this, the cheetah is considered almost non-violent among the animals that survive by hunting. It does not attack anyone except hunting for food, hence it is considered less violent than lion and tiger. On this basis, the cheetah is considered to be following the basic spirit of Hinduism i.e. tolerance.

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