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Single-use plastics: How can one minimise their use at home

Here are a few tips to help you minimise the single-use plastic usage at your home! #Doyourbit

Apoorva Gupta Written by: Apoorva Gupta New Delhi Published on: October 02, 2019 21:38 IST
Single-use plastics: Tips to minimise single-use plastics

Single-use plastics: Tips to minimise single-use plastics at home

It's Gandhi Jayanti today and on this day 150 years ago, the greatest advocate of 'Swachh Bharat' -- Mahatma Gandhi -- was born. All of us by now are well aware of the problems that single-use plastics are causing to our plants, animals, soil, water, air as well as our bodies. So, as a tribute to the father of our nation, here's the third explainer of the series.

In the third segment, we are going to talk about the most basic tips that you can use at your homes to minimise single-use plastics at your home. So read on and make these little changes in your lifestyle to contribute to a better earth.

1. Carry your cloth bag to grocery shops or supermarkets

India Tv - cloth bags

cloth bags

This is as basic as it can get. Our mothers have carried jholas to shops for ever and now it's time to take the trend forward. Always carry a cloth or jute bag whenever going out. In fact, keep one bag permanently in your vehicle. Not only will you help reduce plastic consumption, but you will also save money at the supermarkets.

2. Stop buying cleaners in bottles. Use baking soda, lemon, and vinegar instead

Cleaners are usually quite pricey and full of chemicals, plus they hardly last a month. Use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon for cleaning anything from glass to utensils.

3. Shop in wholesale. Avoid sachets

India Tv - Avoid sachets

Avoid sachets

Try buying the entire month's groceries all at once. Be it detergent, shampoo or oil. If you shop for products with more quantity, you'll save on money as well as discourage small plastic packagings. Trust us, this one step will make all the difference.

4. Go local. Support the markets around you

Supermarkets use a lot of plastic for packaging. Buy as many things from your local vendors as you can. It will help the local businesses grow and will fetch you fresh produce -- be it milk, vegetables or fruits.

Tip: Mother dairy outlets these days have milk dispenser machines. It saves packaging money as well as ditches plastic. You'll get your milk a lot cheaper than the packets. You just have to carry a utensil to the shop and you'll be good to go!

5. Please avoid plastic straws and cups

India Tv - Plastic straws cause a lot of pollution.

Plastic straws cause a lot of pollution.

Plastic straws at juice shops and fast-food chains have been creating more havoc than all the other things combined. Please avoid them as much as you can. Many famous outlets these days have started appreciating customers bringing their own mugs and utensils. You should give it a shot.

6. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones

They are re-usable, cost-effective, save paper and packaging is also saved.

7. Don't use plasticware at home, especially in the kitchen

India Tv - Use glassware in kitchen.

Use glassware in kitchen.

Instead, switch to steel or glassware. Rember, plastic storage boxes tend to cause cancer. Throw those plastic tiffin boxes now and opt for steel or glass ones.

8. Get the kids in your house hand-made toys

Hand-made cloth/cotton dolls, cars instead of plastic ones will go a long way. There are a lot of organic toy shops available that offer wide range and beautiful stuff.

9. Separate the bins at your home

India Tv - Separate the bins at home.

Separate the bins at home.

So that the recyclable products can get recycled.

10. Upcycle as much as you can

Make plant pots from plastic bottles, storage boxes as well as a lot of other things. It will save you the cost of buying new planters as well as put those plastic bottles to use!

Start with your home; it will go miles!

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