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BTS 9th anniversary Proof LIVE: Jimin recalls first BTS concert, Jungkook remembers day he joined K-pop band

During BTS 9th anniversary Proof LIVE, the K-pop stars recalled and shared their best memories and moments in the last nine years. They also performed the new songs from the album Proof.

Vaishali Jain Written by: Vaishali Jain New Delhi Updated on: June 13, 2022 18:40 IST
Still from BTS Proof LIVE
Image Source : YOUTUBE

Still from BTS Proof LIVE

On BTS' 9th anniversary, the K-pop band did a LIVE performance for ARMY on YouTube. The septet-- RM, Jin, Suga, Jin, V, Jungkook and J-Hope performed the new songs -- Yet To Come, For Youth and Run BTS from their latest album Proof. In addition to this, they also shared the best memories as bandmates from the last nine years. 

J-Hope was the first one to share. He said that the day BTS was born is the best memory for him so far. For Jimin, it was BTS concerts that hold a special place in his heart. He recalled their first concert together in 2014. Suga, on the other hand, said that June 12, 2013, the day when BTS first launched their song, is the most special to him to date.

For RM, it was their performance at the Olympic Gymnastic stadium that stands out. V aka Kim Taehyung recalled Jungkook getting emotional during BTS' performance saying it touched his heart. Whereas, for Jungkook, the day he joined the K-pop band is the best so far. Jin, who went last to share his best memory of BTS said that it's hard for him to pick one moment. The Korean star said that every moment he gets to spend with his bandmates is most special for him. 

Hearing one another, the band members gave themselves a round of applause saying they should be proud of themselves. "We should stick together and keep doing good work," said J-Hope joining his band members in cheers. 

The band members also spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and how things have been impromptu for them after 2020. "Things didn't go as planned and scheduled," said group leader RM, sharing how the global pandemic was an uncertain time for the group just like millions across the globe. 

Jungkook credited their song Dynamite in helping them brave COVID. J-Hope added that the song exceeded their expectations. Echoing similar sentiments, Suga said that their next songs Butter and Permission To Dance were also created with the same intention to help fans bear COVID and BTS could contribute with their music and help those in suffering.

Talking about their latest release Proof, Jin said, "we wanted to pull everything in one album with Proof, so ARMY could listen all at once." "It wraps out the first chapter. It was fun to listen to old songs, unreleased ones," added V.

Proof consists of three CDs. The first one has all the title tracks of their albums, the second one is a compilation of songs showing the band members' respect for one another, their fans and the BTS team. Whereas, the third one has all the unreleased songs. 

To summarise the album, Suga said Proof is like a textbook or guide to BTS for beginners. 

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