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Fan shares meme on Sonu Sood's relief work for migrants, actor reacts

Sonu Sood couldn't help but laugh at a meme that hilariously sums up how the actor is ready to help anyone who wants to reach home.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 23, 2020 8:21 IST
Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood has arranged multiple buses for people stranded in Mumbai to move them back to their home states.

Sonu Sood has helped many migrant workers reach home and constantly trying to help more of them amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The actor has arranged multiple buses for people stranded in Mumbai to move them back to where they belong. While social media is filled with praising notes for Sonu Sood, some of them have come in the shape of memes. The Bollywood actor couldn't help but laugh at one such meme that hilariously sums up how Sonu Sood is ready to help anyone who wants to reach home.

The meme features two images, one of Alia Bhatt from her film Raazi -- crying and begging for help to go back to her home. “Mujhe ghar jaana hai (I want to go home),” Alia says in the scene. The second image is from a Pankaj Tripathi’s scene in Mirzapur with Sonu’s face morphed on it. “Hum karte hain prabandh, aap chinta mat kijiye (We will make the arrangements, don’t worry),” the character says.

Sonu retweeted the hilarious meme with a bunch of laughing out loud emojis.

Sonu organised buses to transport stranded migrant labourers to their hometowns, after obtaining permissions from the Maharashtra and Karnataka governments. He even went to the bus terminus to oversee their journey. 

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"I feel it is my duty to help the migrants, the heartbeats of our country. We have seen migrants walking on the highways with their families and kids. We just can't sit in the AC and tweet and show our concern till we don't go on the roads, till we don't become one of them. Otherwise they will not have the trust that there is someone standing there for them. So I have been coordinating for their travels, for permissions from different states," Sonu Sood told IANS.

He further claimed: "Now I get so many messages and hundreds of emails everyday saying that they want to travel and I have been coordinating non-stop from the morning till the evening. This has become my only job during this lockdown. It gives me so much satisfaction that I can't express in words."

He added: "When I see these migrants and all those who are suffering, I feel that we have lost the respect of being a human. I can't sleep properly in the night because the thoughts keep coming in my mind. The entire day I am reading emails, noting down their phone numbers, trying to call them. There are hundreds of them. I wish I could drive them personally to their villages day and night and reunite them with their families."

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"They are the real face of India who have worked hard to build our houses. They have left their homes, their parents, their loved ones and worked so hard just for us. Today, if we are not there to support them, I think we don't have any rights to call ourselves human beings. We have to come forward and help them with the best of our abilities. We can't leave them on the streets, we can't see them dying on the highways, we can't let those little children walking with them think that there is no one for their parents," he added.

Not just migrants, Sonu Sood has been working relentlessly trying to help whoever approaches him.

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