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Jammu and Kashmir govt instructs schools to begin morning assemblies with National Anthem: Details

The Jammu and Kashmir government has instructed all schools to begin morning assemblies with National Anthem for 20 minutes. Check detailed information here.

Reported By : Manzoor Mir Edited By : Nidhi Mittal
New Delhi
Updated on: June 13, 2024 16:21 IST
Morning assemblies in J&K schools to begin with National Anthem
Image Source : PIXABAY Morning assemblies in J&K schools to begin with National Anthem

The School Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir has recently released guidelines for the conduct of morning assemblies in schools. As per the notice, the students and teachers shall assemble at the designated area at the commencement of the school schedule. Morning Assembly shall begin with National Anthem as per standard protocol.

Apart from this, three to four students or teachers shall compulsorily give awareness/motivational speeches during the morning assembly. The education department has shared a list of topics which includes autobiographies of great personalities, daily announcements of school events, activities, inspirational talks, the theme of the week or month, student achievements, character education, stress management, and health tips, etc. to inculcate leadership qualities and upgrade the skills of the students as mandated under NEP 2020. Students and teachers can take any topics from these topics during their speech in morning assembly. The brief of the topics are given below.

The official notice reads, 'To kickstart a school day on a positive note and to instill a sense of unity and discipline amongst students, morning assemblies at the start of the school day have proved to be an invaluable ritual of the schooling system. They serve as platforms to nurture the values of moral integrity, shared community, and mental tranquility. However, It has been observed that such significant ritual/tradition is not being carried out uniformly across various schools of JK UT.'

List of topics can be included in the morning assembly motivational speeches:-

  • Autobiographies: Great personalities/Freedom fighters
  • Daily Announcements: Updates on social events, activities, and important announcements
  • Inspirational Talks: Motivational speeches to inspire students and set a positive tone for the day
  • Theme of the week/month: Introducing a theme for the week or month, such as kindness, diversity, or environmental awareness
  • Student Achievements: Recognition of students' academic, athletic, or extracurricular achievements
  • Character Education: Discussions on values like honesty, respect, responsibility, duty, citizenship, and constitutional values
  • Stress Management and Health Tips: Tips on staying safe, inculcating mental strength to navigate the problems of adolescence, and leading stress-free lifestyle
  • Cultural Celebrations: Learning about and celebrating different cultures, holidays, or historical events.
  • Guest Speakers: Inviting skill trainers/guests from civil society including parents, authors, community leaders, or experts to speak on relevant topics.
  • Community Service projects: Sharing information about ongoing or upcoming community service initiatives
  • Creative Performances: Students led performances such as music, dance, or drama
  • Educational Trivia or Facts: Fun and educational trivia questions on mental health and well-being
  • Environmental Awareness: Tips for sustainability, recycling initiatives, or discussions on environmental issues
  • Career and college readiness: Information about career paths, college preparation and future opportunities
  • Drugs Menace: Tackling the drug menance through a multifacted approach involving education, preventation, treatment, and addressing underlying social and economic factors through efforts and collaboration at various levels. Special emphasis needs to be given to sensitizing the students about the deleterious effects of Narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances on mental and physical wellbeing which, in turn, has an indelible adverse impact on society.


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