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Mark Zuckerberg announces dual WhatsApp account feature for simultaneous use

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that allows users to log in with two accounts simultaneously. This functionality, shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will soon be available for Android users, eliminating the need to log out of one account to access another.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 19, 2023 13:50 IST
Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp account
Image Source : FILE Mark Zuckerberg announces dual WhatsApp account feature for simultaneous use

WhatsApp has recently announced a new feature, which will let users log in with two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, shared this news, stating that WhatsApp users will soon be able to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single device without the need to log out each time. This feature is set to roll out to Android users in the upcoming weeks and months.

The introduction of multi-account support is a significant convenience for WhatsApp users, as it eliminates the need to carry two phones or frequently log in and out of accounts. To set up a second account, users will require either a second phone number and SIM card or a device that supports multi-SIM or eSIM technology.

Configuring the second account is a straightforward process. Users need to access their WhatsApp settings, click on the arrow next to their name, and select "Add account." Each account can have its privacy and notification settings customized to suit the user's preferences.

WhatsApp emphasized the importance of only using the official WhatsApp application and not downloading imitations or unofficial versions to access multiple accounts on a single device. The platform stressed that messages are only secure and private when using the official WhatsApp application.

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In addition to the multi-account support, WhatsApp recently announced plans to introduce a password-less passkey feature for Android users. This new feature aims to enhance security and convenience by enabling Android users to securely log in with passkeys, eliminating the need for traditional passwords and two-factor SMS authentication. Users can unlock their WhatsApp accounts using methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint, or a PIN code. The rollout of passkey support for Android will take place gradually over the coming weeks and months.

With these new features and updates, WhatsApp continues to prioritize user convenience and security while ensuring that users can seamlessly manage multiple accounts and access their accounts securely.

WhatsApp's commitment to innovation and user-centric improvements aligns with Meta's ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience across its various platforms and services.

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