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Motorola Razr proves to be ‘difficult to repair’ in new teardown: See what happened

Motorola Razr has been torn down again by iFixit and the results aren't good. Read on to know what happened

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New Delhi Updated on: February 14, 2020 16:42 IST
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Image Source : IFIXIT

Motorola Razr

Foldable smartphones have been questionable since their inception and it further escalated when the Samsung Galaxy Fold had severe issues. Given that the Motorola Razr has followed the Galaxy Fold, we are still trying to find a reason to own one. Adding onto this confusion, we have a recent Motorola Razr teardown, questioning the Motorola foldable phone yet again.

Motorola Razr is the most complicated phone

iFixit recently conducted a teardown on the Motorola Razr, which reveals a lot about the foldable smartphone. The teardown followed the usual process of deconstructing the Motorola Razr with specialised tools.

It took a couple of steps for iFixit to get into the insides of the smartphone and finally revealed some important points. You can watch the whole teardown in the following video and let me warn you -- the device is fully opened up and the weak ones won’t be able to bear it.

The process tells us that it was quite difficult for iFixit to open up the foldable smartphone since there was a lot of glue within. The tacky glue part and the cable for the fingerprint scanner are referred to as the ‘booby trap,’ which makes it difficult to fix the smartphone. 

The Razr features a gap between the hinge and the foldable display, which throws light on it being less durable and more expensive. After a lot of difficulties, the process reaches the greasy part, which could be to provide water resistance to the motherboard. Another noteworthy point is the removal of the display, which was really tough that iFixit is surprised Motorola offers a $299 display replacements.

Speaking of durability, the Motorola Razr recently went to JerryRigEverything for a teardown test and failed the 27,000 times folding test. You can see the video for the same below:

Conclusively, the iFixit teardown boils down to two major points: the Motorola Razr is the ‘most complicated phone-based contraption we’ve ever taken apart’ and the foldable smartphone is unserviceable given the complexity inside it. Having said that, iFixit applauds Motorola for the kind of engineering inside it.

Both teardown videos reveal how Motorola Razr isn't really a good phone to purchase, even though it looks good and brings the Motorola Razr nostalgia. With this, we hope the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn't this bad and wins against both its predecessor and the Motorola Razr.

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