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Hoax Alert: Facebook is not limiting you to 25 friends’ status updates

Facebook has quashed the reports saying that it limits your newsfeed to 25 friends' status updates.

Written by: India TV Tech Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: February 07, 2018 16:21 IST ]
Image Source : ANI Hoax Alert: Facebook is not limiting you to 25 friends’ status updates

Social media giant Facebook was recently full of reports that claimed that it limited its users to the status updates of only 25 pre-selected friends. On learning about the hoax, Facebook has termed the reports as false.

"We rank News Feed based on how relevant each post might be to you, and while we've made some updates that could increase the number of posts you see from your friends, your News Feed isn't limited to 25 of them," CNET quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying, who dismissed the algorithm memes as pure fiction.

According to fact-check site Snopes, reports regarding this new algorithm began circulating in December 2017, boosting the rumours over the changes the social network announced in January.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said at that time that Facebook would overhaul the News Feed to prioritise posts from family and friends as opposed to those from brands and publishers.

According to the report, a typical message that was shared "about the evil, friend-isolating algorithm" said, "The new algorithm controlling Facebook's news feed now shows only posts from the same few people, about 25.

"Their system chooses the people to read your posts, but I would like to choose for myself."

"Therefore, I ask you a favour: Please, right now...Leave me a quick comment, a 'hello,' a sticker, whatever you want -- don't just 'like' -- post something -- so you will appear in my News Feed. I have some interesting news coming and want to make sure it reaches you," the hoax added.

Facebook, which has two billion monthly users, has been a frequent target of hoaxes itself -- typically on privacy-related matters.

One of the more popular was the news feed recitation of the Uniform Commercial Code to prohibit Facebook from using their photos, content or personal information without users' permission, the report added.

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