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See how these kids talk to each via Apple AirPods in class

 Apple AirPods were used by kids to talk in class. Read on to know how

Vanshika Malhotra Vanshika Malhotra @vanshi_mal
New Delhi Published on: February 14, 2020 18:39 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY

A new way of communicating?

The way technology is being used these days is amazing. Back in my school days, the only way of communicating mid-classes was by the process of passing each other notes. Fast forward it to 2020 and school kids have found a new way doing so -- with the help of Apple AirPods -- to be precise. Read on to know how these school students talked to each other in class using Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods: a mode of communication

According to a post on Twitter, Leilana made a TikTok video showing how two students were able to talk to each other using two iPhones and two pairs of Apple AirPods. 

This is a pretty simple process if done right (not that I am encouraging students to do so in class). Two students exchanged one of the AirPods they had, meaning both of them will have one earbud of their own and the other one from their friend so that they can hear audio from both the iPhones connected to both the Apple earbuds.

Once the exchange happened, both students converted their text messages into audio with the help of the Google Translate app. All they did was type in the message they wanted to convey to each other, long-tapped on it (this way some options appeared), and selected the 'Speak' option. As a reminder, Google Translate has the ability to convert a particularly selected text into speech.

Since both students had each other's as well as their own AirPods on, it became easier for them to listen to each other and talk to each other. However, if you intend to talk this way anywhere especially in class, it's important to note that you need to be careful and make sure the AirPods aren't visible at all.

For those who don't this isn't the first time students have used technology in sneaky ways to talk; last year it was reported that some students used Google Docs to talk to each other in class since most classrooms are now digital. This was done by taking up the teacher's Google document and talking via the Comments feature in Google Docs. The students used different colours to keep their identity and resolved the comments so that the teachers don't find out.

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