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Instagram tips and tricks: How to gain followers, get likes and more

Instagram latest tips and tricks: Here's how you can gain more followers and get more likes on your Instagram posts.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 04, 2019 11:47 IST
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Here are a few tips that will help you gain more followers on Instagram.

Just joined Instagram or having a tough time getting followers? Follow these tips and tricks in order to gain more followers as well as more likes on your Instagram posts.

Create a catchy Bio

In order to grab people’s attention towards your Instagram profile, you need to have a neat and catchy bio. Do not fill it up fully with emojis as that looks very childish. Give key details about yourself that you want everyone to know like your profession, passion, quirk and more. You can even put a catchy one line that describes you as a person or your love towards something. The main thing in setting up bio is “Get Creative!”

Use YOUR picture as profile pic, but...

In case you have a private account on Instagram, you should make sure that you have great profile picture. Prefer to put a picture of yourself in the most creative (read quirky) manner. Use as much filter and overlays as you want but the end result should be pleasing to the eyes.

Clean your profile page

If you have a public profile, try to keep your page clean and attractive. Focus on the top images and try to have the best images displayed on top. Also, you can manage the tagged section where you can remove your tag from images you don’t want to be on your profile.

Use hashtags

Instagram is all about hashtags. Keeping an open profile and using as many hashtags as possible will definitely bring more followers from across the globe. Get creative with the hashtags you use, you may use multiple, but don't overdo it (more on this later). You can even search for hashtags using the search icon to see which hashtags are trending and which ones have the most followers. 

However, do keep in mind that while posting something, do not keep on adding unnecessary hashtags as that will not leave any room for the actual description or caption. 

Participate in open conversations

Instagram is a great social media platform and people also come here to share their views about something. Find your interests and join the comment thread of a post. People usually get to know strangers by commenting on various posts and keeping their views on the table. Do keep in mind that you must be very generous in order to make them follow you.

Make use of Geotagging

Instagram also has a feature called geotagging. The feature basically allows you to tag the location where a certain image was taken. This way you will be able to drag the attention of the localities and even people who are planning to visit that place anytime soon.

Follow people

One cannot gain 100s of followers by not following anyone. So, you should start with following your friends and family members so that they will know that you are on Instagram and hit that “Follow Back” button. Also, you can follow celebrities, brand pages and more. This will not only help you in bringing more followers but also get you a good news feed that is based on your friends and interests.

Got them, now maintain the followers

Once you have gained a certain number of followers, it is very important to maintain the number. You should not annoy them into unfollowing you by posting too many pictures of yourself or adding way too many stories every day. Keep it simple by limiting your posts to 1-2 a day. 

Do not fall for scams

Yes, the above-mentioned steps will take some time to gain your followers and likes on Instagram. However, there are some fraud websites and pages that offer followers in exchange for money. Most of them are fake and are looking to get easy money. Even if they do bring followers, it will be bot accounts that will just add to your follower count, but it will not add likes to your posts. Those bot accounts are regularly cleaned up by Instagram, so don't fall for any of these.

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