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India's major defence scams

New Delhi: The Indian Armed Forces are known the world over  for their honesty, integrity and professionalism. However, due to the booming and fast growing economy, the over Rs one crore per year sky-rocketing pay

Updated on: February 15, 2013 6:20 IST
1. Jeeps scam

The history of corruption in post independent India begins with the Jeep Scandal in 1948,when a transaction concerning purchase of jeeps for the army needed for Kashmir operations was entered into by V.K Krishna Menon, the then High Commissioner for India in London with a foreign firm without observing normal procedure.

India required around 4603 jeeps, around 1500 jeeps were ordered. For a full nine months jeeps didn't arrive.

In the year 1949, 155 jeeps reached Madras Bandargah. That too of poor quality.

Soon after on February 3,1956 Krishna Menon was inducted into  Nehru's cabinet.

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