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Tips to avoid overeating: Make sure that one more extra bite doesn't harm you

Overeating is a serious food disorder. Eating when you know you're done might seem like an honest mistake but its consequences are definitely not a trivial issue.

India TV Health Desk Written By: India TV Health Desk New Delhi Published on: May 30, 2023 16:53 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Eating that extra bite will do you more harm than good.

Tips to avoid overeating: Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal and when its tasty one more bite is what everyone craves and this is what makes people overeat, however, overeating isn’t just holding your stomach and cribbing about how it hurts because you ate too much, its harm is way more than what it seems. Overeating takes a toll on your digestive system, affects your sleep cycle, makes your organs work in overdrive and worst of all may lead to dangerous diseases like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. Here are some tips to avoid such a fate:

1. Try the volumetrics method:

The volumetrics method includes focusing on low calorie, high fiber foods. Eating such food before meals creates a feeling of being full. Thus, helping you decrease overeating. Examples of volumetrics- friendly foods include grapefruit, broccoli, beans, salad greens etc.

2. Avoid skipping meals:

Skipping meals might seem like the perfect solution but not eating once and compensating for it later is not quite ideal. It may lead to overeating as you tend to eat everything all at once. Start your day with a heavy breakfast, followed by an easy lunch and finish it off with a tasteful and rich dinner. That way you wouldn't crave more than what is apt for you.

3. Portion your food:

Portioning your food might just be the thing that makes you stop giving yourself the trouble of overeating. Eating a specified amount of your meal will definitely satisfy your hunger without pushing your stomach over the edge.

4. Limit your distractions:

People nowadays cannot seem to have a meal without multitasking; a Netflix screen or Whatsapp in one hand is an everyday sight. However, in this distraction they tend to eat more without any realization. When eating a meal your sole focus should be on the food you consume, and you should enjoy each bite and be aware of what and how much you are having.

5. Drink good amount of water:

Whenever you feel hungry at odd times try taking a few sips of water. This would help you determine if it’s just thirst or actual hunger. Having water would also make you feel a little full and eat a little less

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