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Delhi govt issues conjunctivitis or eye flu advisory for schools and students: Read it here

The Government of Delhi has shared an advisory for schools and students on conjunctivitis or eye flue. Check do's and don'ts.

Nidhi Mittal Edited By: Nidhi Mittal @nidhi_mittal09 New Delhi Updated on: July 27, 2023 18:55 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Cases of Pink Eye are being reported high in numbers, says Delhi Government

Conjunctivities or eye flue, Conjunctivitis cases on the rise, Conjunctivitis Eye Infection Symptoms: The Delhi government has issued an advisory for all private and government schools in view of rising numbers of conjuctivity or eye flue cases in the capital. Government has advised all the schools and students to ensure the proper cleanliness and hygiene by washing hands at regular intervals.

According to the advisory, the cases of pink are being reported high in numbers since heavy rains, water logging, and flood lashed in the national capital in the last few days. One should maintain proper hygiene to avoid incoveniences caused by the infection. 

What is Conjuctivities or eye flu?

Conjuctivities or eye flue is an irritation or inflammation of the conjuctiva which covers the white part of the eyeball. It can be caused by allergies or bacterial or viral infection. Conjunctivitis is transferred through contact with the eye fluids of an infected person and can be quite contagious.

What are the symptoms of Conjunctivities or eye flu?

Red eyes, itching, irritation, burning, eye pain, watery eyes, swelling, discharge from the eyes, pink or red colour in the white of eyes, blurred vision, Contact lenses that do not stay in place on the eye, and sensitivity to light are some of the common symptoms of an eye flu. 

What is the advisory shared by the Delhi Government regarding conjuctivities?

The students have been advised to maintain the good hygiene which includes washing hands, and avoiding touching eyes with bare or unwashed hands. It is also said that one should avoid sharing personal belongings like towels, lenses or glasses.

Also, the schools have been advised to display the advisory at prominent places in the school such as notice baord, assembly hall etc and also read out in the school assembly. 

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