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Gourmets and ale lovers; rush for two days bonanza in Noida

rush to Noida pacific mall on Saturday, Sunday to be a part of two days beer and food festival.
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi June 03, 2017 12:58 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) India: a favourable news for feasters and stout lovers to grab an opportunity for their quench of good and delicious food to satisfy themselves with a mug of brew now. fanciers now rush to Noida pacific mall on Saturday, Sunday to be a part of two days beer and food festival.  This kickass summer is turning into an unacceptable dream come true and to deal with this outrageous heat we all do need a break and wonderful weekends so, grab this fun and enjoyable occasion with your colleagues, mates, family, friends and accomplish your squad goals. this event is going to long last for two days regularly to relish your taste buds more and more by boozing hard on the same time. event this time turning into Indian food fiesta in expected ways of public. All over 30 food stalls are merging up with national and international taste including desi vibes with local food to chill your mood up. moreover, there is wide variety of ales, brews to match up with your sheer needs of holidaying and enjoying. It’s not at all there are more and more fun activities, tasks on the ways with plethora of fun and entertainment like, games, music, dance, live performances by rocking bands to provide you relaxation from distorting and haphazard lifestyle of today’ disturbing scenario. rock bands like: bismil, rocknama, adveta, zikrr, turban etc itself will perform for audience in this food festival with oozing tracks prepared by them, and games like man vs food, beer pong, beer chug etc. are there 

some light on extra offers: 

1.Beer @ rs. 3 during first session of the fest in an hour. 

2. Ice cream stall with Turkish delight to mingle up with food and liquor taste.

This kind of festival is not at all a common issue happens, Actually it is once in a while chance   you always want to hook up with.  so just without wasting your precious time do utilize it in a fruitful way.