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  • Gordon Moore, the Intel Corp. co-founder

    Intel co-founder Gordon Moore dies at 94 I Know his incredible journey

    World | March 25, 2023 17:18 IST

    Moore, who held a PhD in chemistry and physics, made his famous observation — now known as “Moore’s Law” — three years before he helped start Intel in 1968. It appeared among a number of articles about the future written for the now-defunct Electronics magazine by experts in various fields.

  • new man in moore s life

    New man in Moore's life?

    Hollywood | November 29, 2012 7:36 IST

    Los Angeles, Nov 29: If grapevine is to be believed then actress Demi Moore has found love in art dealer Vito Schnabel.Moore, who ended her six-year-old marriage with actor Ashton Kutcher last year after being