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  • all time favourite fashion trend skinny jeans see pics

    All time favourite fashion trend: Skinny jeans (see pics)

    Lifestyle | October 03, 2014 11:22 IST

    London: Fashion trends come and go every season, but there have been particular standout styles over the past few years and one of them is skinny jeans.New research conducted by members at clothing label Tu

  • 2014 style staple white blazer see pics

    2014-style staple - white blazer (see pics)

    Lifestyle | March 23, 2014 18:54 IST

    London, This year white blazer is trending and from celebrities to designers, everyone is tyring to add the garment in their wordrobe or collections.One of the celebrities recently spotted in the trendy garment was actress-model

  • victoria beckham set fashion trends at school

    Victoria Beckham set fashion trends at school

    Hollywood | February 07, 2014 12:10 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham says she started a trend of wearing two pairs of socks with her school uniform when she was a teenager.The 39-year-old found a way to make her compulsory school

  • 60 s was the most fashionable decade poll see pics

    60's was the most fashionable decade: Poll (see pics)

    Lifestyle | January 20, 2014 13:07 IST

    The sixties, with its craze of mini skirts, shift dresses and the birth of monochrome, has been voted the most fashionable decade in a poll.A fifth of women respondents voted the decade as the most

  • kruger s fashion trends

    Kruger's fashion trends

    Hollywood | March 31, 2013 13:44 IST

    London, March 31: Former German model Diane Kruger always knows the hottest fashion trends and how to wear them.She was spotted doing some shopping in a simple grey marl tee, a pair of on-trend pastel

  • fashion trends for 2013

    Fashion trends for 2013

    Lifestyle | December 28, 2012 23:36 IST

    New York: The biggest trend in fashion for the new year might just be that there isn't anything especially trendy. Based on runway and retailer previews, the must-have look in 2013 could be menswear-inspired and