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DuckDuckGo is not safe to browse as Microsoft tracks user data

DuckDuckGo's founder Gabriel Weinberg has admitted to the company’s agreement with Microsoft for allowing them to track the user's activity. He further stated that they are taking to Microsoft to change their agreement clause for users' confidentiality.   

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: May 30, 2022 18:59 IST


DuckDuckGo browser is meant to obstruct the trackers from advertisers World Health Organization sell and trades user data. Recently a security scientist discovered that its platform has been permitting Microsoft to trace knowledge through the ad domains of LinkedIn and Bing.

The website of DuckDuckGo encompasses a page that states that the platform has an associate agreement with Microsoft that showcases the advertisements next to the search results. the corporate additional states that the browser doesn't use or store ad-click behaviour knowledge to the profile users, rather, it trackers the information through LinkedIn and Bing.

Gabriel Steven Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo admitted that the company’s agreement with Microsoft has given them the permission to trace ads and has Microsoft’s trackers on their browsers.

As per additional reports, DuckDuckGo claims to be speaking and negotiating with Microsoft for removing this clause. this may modify the app store page descriptions within the mobile browser of the platform, and inform the user in an exceedingly higher manner.

Also, the company executive further made it clear through his tweet, stating: “Unfortunately our Microsoft search syndication agreement prevents us from doing more to Microsoft-owned properties. However, we have been continually pushing and expect to be doing more soon.”

Gabriel said that DuckDuckGo is working to implement necessary changes to the browser.


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