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Who Blew the Trumpet?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - who will succeed Barack Obama? This is what the whole world wanted to know. And the result is out now. It is Donald Trump. I recall my conversation with

Amit Palit, New Delhi [ Updated: November 10, 2016 18:22 IST ]
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - who will succeed Barack Obama? This is what the whole world wanted to know. And the result is out now. It is Donald Trump.

I recall my conversation with my colleagues at the office after the last presidential debate. Just like every other sensible well read person, a majority of my colleagues were confident that Hillary Clinton will emerge victorious over Donald Trump. They asked me about my view. Before we move further, I need to mention that since the US elections began, I was on Donald Trump's side. Not because I am his fan or supporter but for the sake of a good debate since a majority of my colleagues were in support of Hillary Clinton. 

Coming back to the presidential debate, without any doubt, Hillary Clinton nailed it. But I told Hillary supporters that I am still on Donald Trump's side. There are few reasons why I saw Donald Trump winning. 

By electing Barack Obama (a black) twice, Americans have already made history. Were they still in a mood to script history again by electing Hillary Clinton as USA's first female President? I had a doubt but people might differ with me on it. Now, if we see the past trends, Bill Clinton a Democrat, served two terms; George Bush, a Republican, served two terms and Barack Obama, a Democrat also served for two. 

If this trend were to follow, then Donald Trump had the advantage and that is exactly what happened.

If you flip some recent events in USA, you will find how agitated blacks are with the killings of black men at the hands of the police. However, these agitations were confined to the local level. Unlike India, the protests never went pan-America. After all, how many whites have come on streets in support of blacks?

Not to forget, a majority of blacks are Democrats while the orthodox whites are traditionally Republicans. But the kind of divide that has been seen in the American society this time, it is quite possible that majority of whites voted for Donald Trump. His hard line on immigrants and Muslims might not go down well with open-minded people but then a large chunk of orthodox liked it.

Not to forget that FBI’s clean chit to Hillary Clinton on the e-mail issue just before the voting didn't go well with the voters too. 

Well, what is going to happen inside USA is not a matter of our concern in India. And nothing to worry about our PIO's because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both need them to run USA. 

Whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it's not going effect our relationship with USA – a statement I made which many of my colleagues questioned.

Unlike India, American democracy is different in terms of running the state or country. In India, the political party which rules the government decides the foreign and internal policies. But in America, no matter which party's candidate becomes President, the foreign policy remains almost the same. 

Reason, the Pentagon and the CIA play a crucial role in making foreign policy. Let’s look back when Barack Obama took over at the White House. He tried to make US-Russia relationship cordial. The world saw some great pictures of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. But what happened next? 

If Iraq was attacked by Bush administration, then who created civil war situation in Syria? If Bush was after Saddam, Obama was after Asad. A President who got a Nobel for peace, his administration helped rebels in Syria who have links with Al-Qaeda.

So, what difference do these US presidents make to the world except their homeland? Bush or Obama, for them Pakistan is the same old friend. Even though Pakistan hosted USA's biggest enemy Osama. 

In USA, the system runs the country and makes the policy. The presidents and two political parties a just part of this system. In India, the Prime Minister and political parties can change the system. In that way, our democracy is not just biggest but better too.

At present, the American system needs India on their side both economically and strategically to counter China. Caution... since the guest is gone from Pakistan, Uncle Sam might not need the host.

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