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Irregular periods? Try these quick home remedies!

Irregular period is a common problem of women these days. Almost every other woman could be heard of tackling this problem in her own way. From mobile applications, to yoga and home remedies, women are

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Updated on: June 01, 2015 19:10 IST
irregular periods try these quick home remedies
irregular periods try these quick home remedies

Irregular period is a common problem of women these days. Almost every other woman could be heard of tackling this problem in her own way. From mobile applications, to yoga and home remedies, women are trying every thing to keep this natural cycle a natural phenomenon rather than making it a doctor-dependant thing.

Though in extreme conditions, seeing a gynaecologist or endocrinologist is highly recommended, yet you can always give a try to those age-old ‘Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe' which are actually effective till date.

But before you try any one of them, it is important that you also understand that what an irregular period is. So, here's your answer.

Monthly bleeding cycle of less than 20 and more than 35 days is a missed period. This repeating for a few months is an irregular menstruation cycle or irregular periods.

Also, more than or less than expected bleeding is also not a good sign. One needs to treat that as well.

So, here are some things that you can try at home to keep the natural cycle a natural phenomenon however; there is no assurance that they will stand effective in all the cases. Inconsistency in periods differ from woman to woman and again from period to period. It could be due to lifestyle also and genetic as well. So, if the problem persists from a very long time and the given remedies are actually not working then it's time that you may see a gynaecologist as it could be some serious problem also or actually a baby on the way.

In the mean time, for those who still want to try some thing home-made much before setting up an appointment with a gynaecologist, here is all that you can try –

1) Ginger

It is one highly-effective way as it not only regulates menstrual cycles but also relieves menstrual pain. It promotes menstruation and is good in case of delayed and scanty periods as well. One can try freshly ground ginger boiled in a cup of water and drink this three times a day after meals. You can add sugar to make it drinkable. Try it for a month atleast.

2) Jaggery

Jaggery or the commonly used ‘gur' at home is yet another effective way to treat menstrual disturbances. Regular intake helps regulate menstruation. However, do not use it during your periods.

3) Aloe Vera

It is one thing that can help in treating menstrual irregularities naturally by regulating hormones. One can try fresh Aloe Vera extracted directly from the leaf of the plant and consume it after mixing it with honey. This needs to be followed at least for three months to notice the effectiveness.

4) Celery

Celery or commonly used ‘Ajwain' is yet another one. You can have ½ tsp with warm water for 2-3 days atleast 2 times a day to induce periods.

5) Unripe Papaya

You might not be knowing it before but unripe papaya is considered as one most effective way to induce periods. Infact this is the reason that why they are prohibited during pregnancy as they can cause the menstrual cycle easily.
Try a green, unripe papaya as it works as a potent emmenagogue. It contracts the muscle fibers in the uterus thus causing menstrual flow. One needs to consume it atleast for a few months to see the results.

6) Turmeric

Turmeric is a warming herb. It not only regulates menstruation but also balances hormones. Consume ¼ tsp with milk, honey or jaggery for atleast some weeks or till the time you don't see improvement.

7) Fennel

Fennel or commonly used ‘saunf' is yet another way to treat your irregular menses. It not only promotes menstruation but also relieves the cramping associated with PMS. The best part is that it also rebalances female sex hormones. Try this by soaking 2 tsp of fennel seeds in a glass of water overnight and then drinking the water next morning after straining the solution. This needs to be done for atleast a month or till the time your periods become regular.

8) Carrot

Having raw carrot or simply carrot juice is also a way to fight irregular periods. One can include them in a regular diet to see the results.

9) Bitter Gourd

Yes, the bitter ‘karela', which is loathed the most, is actually effective when it comes to curing menstrual issues. One can take it either as a juice or as concoction.

10) Sugarcane Juice

This one's the most common and easy too. Simply drink sugarcane juice atleast a week or two before your current menstruation cycle. This will help you in getting your periods regularly.

Though, home-remedies usually do not carry adverse effects yet it is highly recommended that if one does not see any results after trying them then a doctor should be visited. Also, these remedies should not be tried during the periods.