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Humshakals movie review: Fasten your belts for this hilarious ride

Targeting masses has always been the utmost priority of director Sajid Khan and this time again he has had his wit prepared to make them available what they are pleading for.Stars- Saif Ali Khan, Reteish
PTI June 20, 2014 9:02 IST
Targeting masses has always been the utmost priority of director Sajid Khan and this time again he has had his wit prepared to make them available what they are pleading for.

Stars- Saif Ali Khan, Reteish Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, Tamannah
Director- Sajid Khan
Music director- Himesh Reshamiya

No matter even if he is making flicks in his dreams, sidelining the logics, Sajid succeeds in churning out the end product and that is entertainment.

While Himmatwala was a blemish is his otherwise successful directorial career, Humshakals paints that stain and brings him back on the track. The concept of the flick, which doesn't introduce double but triple roles for the first time ever in Indian cinema, is intriguing.

However, while watching the flick initially there is an uncertainty over this concept that it might not get balanced in the flick and may lose its way in the mid but you are proven wrong just a little later.

What we are thankful to, is that the flick doesn't follow the traditional methodology of giving the similar narration to the triple roles idea like mostly seen in Judwa and even last year's Aurangzeb.

Sajid Khan carries the Humshakals with ease and takes it forward responsibly. No one is lost and no one meets in the end. It's a fresh premise with a different take.

Saif Ali Khan (Ashok), Reteish Deshmukh (Kumar), Ram Kapoor (Mamaji), in a combo of nine characters delves in freely. There is confusion among them, which occupies space in a house. If Sajid follows a myth that creating perplexity through his drama can deliver its viewers a dose of laughter then he isn't wholly wrong.

The total mess up during the two hours and forty minutes runtime gives us abundance tiny light-hearted moments. The jokes and the sequences aren't astonishing but they appeal you to least chuckle if not laugh out of madness.

The incidents appear to have no-correlation but it doesn't bother us until those bullets of chortle are fired at different intervals.

Askok and Kumar are pals whose look-alikes with the same names are in a mental asylum and third link to their story is their mirror image with the same names. Alike them Mamaji too has his triple role but all are unaware about this funny fact. The moment they learn about this triple trouble the situation gets more confound but exciting.

What amuses us most is the sequence where Ashok, Kumar and Mamaji are magnetized towards the beauty of their twins who are draped in female costumes including the bikini one.

There is an amusement in such series in the flicks, which Sajid creates in style. His story might have numerous dodges but are filled with innumerable events.

While the bromance between the male protagonists droll you, the female actress Esha, Tamannah and Bipasha's romance with Ashok and Kumar is cute. We wish Ram could also have been that lucky to romance with one of them. 

The performances hereby are needless to mention are effortless. Saif Ali Khan after a long time has stepped into a comic character and he justifies his role with great expression.

What a Sajid Khan flick would have been without Reteish Deshmukh. The actor is once again dominant in many departments particularly as a mental patient and the other as a female waitress. Ram Kapoor too fits into the role. 

Bipasha Basu, Tamannah Bhatia and Esha Gupta are mostly an eye candy in the flick but where required give an allure act.

Music by Himesh Reshamiya is good. Songs like Caller Tune and Piya Ke Bazaar Mein are already chartbusters. Sandeep Shirodkar's background score accompanies perfectly the chain of events.

A perfect comeback for Sajid Khan, Humshakals is a roller coaster ride which a comedy seeker will enjoy.