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Bigg Boss 8, Day 66: Pritam meets his wife and son; Karishma's cry and plea go unheard by Renee (see pics)

New Delhi: The App task continues on day 66 of the Bigg Boss 8. Housemates wake up to yet another tech savvy day filled with emotions and tears.Equations seem to be changing during Puneet's captaincy
India TV Entertainment Desk November 27, 2014 10:29 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The App task continues on day 66 of the Bigg Boss 8. Housemates wake up to yet another tech savvy day filled with emotions and tears.

Equations seem to be changing during Puneet's captaincy as Gautam and Diandra seem to be spending more and more time with each other.

While once friends Dimpy and Ali have turned foes now.

The App task continues and Upen and Renee get another chance to recharge their batteries. Bigg Boss asks them to bleach their hair blonde.

Renee refuses to do the task but Upen once again becomes the saviour and goes blonde for the housemates!

Renee boycotts her recharge tasks even today. Sonali taunts Renee that she is being selfish in the task and both have an argument over it and Gautam still continues.

Ali went inside to choose the app and he selected a date with his girlfriend Gauri. We finally got to see Ali's real-life girlfriend as he chooses to go on a date with her in the App task.

It was an emotional and bittersweet moment for Pritam as he got to meet his wife Amanjyot and son Aditya. But a glass wall separates him from his wife.

Both husband and wife cry tears of joy and she even advises him to not get influenced by Gautam and Puneet.

Pritam was provided with an opportunity to meet his wife Amanjyot as one of his options. As expected he jumped up to grab the rare wish and drains out 32% of the battery.

However it was better not to expect anything in the Bigg Boss house.

As Pritam went inside the Snapdeal room to meet his wife, he was little disappointed to see a glass window between him and his wife. Seeing his wife standing in front of him with tears in her eyes Pritam's emotions knew no bounds.

While having a much awaited conversation on the headphones, Amanjyot tells Pritam how much she loves him and that he is doing great. But she is worried about him getting influenced by Puneet and Gautam.

Pritam agrees with Aman stating that he had been influenced for a couple of weeks but now he is back on track and will stand up for what is right and what is wrong.

Just as Pritam thought this was it, Bigg Boss surprised him once again by bringing his 14 months old son Aditya to him.

Pritam then requested Bigg Boss that if he cannot really hug his wife due to the glass door he would really want to take his son inside the house to make him meet all the other housemates.

All the housemates are happy to meet the young Pritam leaving all of them absolutely emotional.

After meeting his wife Pritam was found mingling in the house with a new found energy just like how Gautam flourished after meeting his mother.

The task turned emotional for Karishma as she saw her mother sitting in the confession room but unfortunately she had only 21% battery left whereas 'meeting family' option requires 32%.

Bigg Boss suggested her to convince Renee to color her hair and help bring up the battery meter.

Karishma tried to talk to Renee but the latter is adamant and feels Bigg Boss was being unfair to her.

Renee confessed that she too wishes to meet her parents but Bigg Boss isn't giving her that chance so she would not do the task.

Everyone was distraught to see Karishma cry and stand by her in support. Everyone tried to convince Renee, but everything went in vain.

In fact, at one point she gets up and even tears off her own father's picture.

Everyone was shocked at this behaviour of Renee. Karishma then decides that now she will not take Renee's help to meet her mother, she will be strong and says no, as Renee's behaviour was not acceptable.

Renee didn't let Karishma meet her mother who travelled all the way from Mumbai to meet her daughter.

When Bigg Boss called Karishma for final decision, she selects her makeup which made the battery level to zero. The housemates were in utter shock as zero percent battery means they loose the luxury task.

Everyone was seen talking about Karishma's decision but she was least bothered.

Well, no doubt this was the best luxury task in Bigg Boss 8 but the decisions made during this task can lead to adverse effect on judgment day.