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IPL opening ceremony: Except Katrina’s ABS, Twitteratti labels it a ‘boring’ show

New Delhi: The star studded opening ceremony of Indian Premier League lit up the television screens of the entire nation tonight. The makers had an interesting line up of performances to ensure the ceremony was
India TV Entertainment Desk April 09, 2016 17:20 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The opening ceremony of the highly awaited Indian Premier League turned out to be a dull affair.


From global star Major Lazer to our home-grown star singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, from Srilankan beauty actress Jacqueline Fernandes to Bajirao Ranveer Singh; from ‘Champion’ Bravo to Afghan Jalebi Katrina Kaif, the organisers brought in everyone, only to disappoint the viewers.

The show was dominated by dark lights so much so that viewers on television could hardly see the performances. Cricketer Dwayne Bravo’s ‘Champion’ dance was one of the performances which was looked forward to, but that too did not manage to keep the interest of viewers intact.

Twitter saw hilarious reactions about the show. Here are a few of them for you:

Ambati Rayudu Enjoying #IPLOpeningCeremony. ;) This Sums Up The Event. ;)

#VIVOIPL #IPL #IPL2016 pic.twitter.com/lckv4zs3Y2

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) April 8, 2016

Every year @IPL sets new standard of disgrace through #iplopeningceremony

— Gururaj Bhatia (@gururajbhatia) April 8, 2016

Guess only Indians are loving this.#iplopeningceremony pic.twitter.com/YBtZxy0lrL

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) April 8, 2016

Sharma and Dhawan must be relieved that they are not asked to open here. #iplopeningceremony

— cricBC (@cricBC) April 8, 2016

However, sadly for all those who performed at the event, the show stealer was someone else. It was Katrina Kaif’s abs.

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Katrina, who grooved to some of her super hit numbers left everyone’s jaws on the floor with her figure. Looking like a dream, the actress’ toned stomach caught everyone’s attention.

Especially on the micro-blogging website Twitter! Twitterratti lost their mind seeing Kat’s sexy body and expressed their feelings.

Even our beloved star Ranveer Singh noticed it. He said, “Give it up for Katrina’s abs”, in the show. And Twitter did, give it many amazing reactions.

Here are a few of them for you.

The highlight of #iplopeningceremony was Katrina Kaif's abs.

— Renuka Vyavahare (@renukaVyavahare) April 8, 2016

DJ Bravo's #ChampionDance & Katrina Kaif's Abs. This #IPLOpeningCeremony Will Only Be Remembered For That. ;) #IPL pic.twitter.com/LX6E9aYF6a

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) April 8, 2016

Even DJ Bravo can't stop looking at her abs #iplopeningceremony pic.twitter.com/Gm7ZetcKzs

— KiAndKa In Theatres (@zaibi997) April 8, 2016

Thanks camera person for zooming into katrina kaif's abs.

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) April 8, 2016

So indirectly spectators spent 10,000 rs to see Katrina's abs and dj bravo's #Champion

— Rayan Dsouza (@789178f6a180439) April 8, 2016

This is how i saw her performance in #iplopeningceremony #KatrinaKaifOnIPL pic.twitter.com/cHI5rPWydQ

— Rajpal Yadav (@DoobeyJi) April 8, 2016

A breakup does wonderful things to your Abs...look at Katrina

— RB (@Footloose_Free) April 8, 2016

Katrina Kaif, you have seriously owned the IPL opening ceremony. Or should we say your abs did.

Do you think this is a revenge body for Ranbir Kapoor? You never know.