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Covfefe: How this single word got United States' President Donald Trump trolled on Twitter

That’s why we say, check, re-check and double-check your tweets before hitting that cute ‘blue’ button.
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi June 01, 2017 12:46 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Twitter can be dangerous place if you’re not new at making spelling mistake. That’s why we say, check, re-check and double-check your tweets before hitting that cute ‘blue’ button. One mistake can make you end up into an online troll. Something of this sort happened with the President of United States when he was trying to tweet something about ‘Press Conference ‘and instead he tweeted ‘Press Covfefe’ which entirely made no sense. As we know, Twitter is a dangerous place. It took no time for people to take notice of this hilarious typing error. And the fact that the president of United States is the man behind it, makes it even more troll-worthy. 

Here’s what he tweeted: 

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Hell broke loose ever since then. His 31 million followers of Twitter were left baffled and confused. The tweet is still there on his official account without any clarification or deletion. It has more than 124,000 of retweets which validates the popularity of it. Some even speculated that his account has been hacked by some of his staff members and is playing tricks on him. 

Donald Trump in no time, became the latest inventor of an English language word. Even the official account of Merriam-Webster online dictionary couldn’t hold itself from retweeting their emotions about the newly-invented word. 

In the wake of this hysterical typo, a Twitter user also noticed a strange thing happening in the parallel internet. A domain named covfefe.com has already been purchased, owing to the popularity of the world! 


Here are some other hilarious reactions of Twitterati. 

The list is never-ending. But let's make it shorter for you. 

Can somebody explain what’s going on? Till then, let’s sit down and enjoy the new invention with a bucket of popcorn!