• self regulation skills prepare children for school

    Self-regulation skills prepare children for school

    Lifestyle | November 23, 2014 19:27 IST

    Washington: Efforts to utilise music and games to help pre-schoolers learn self-regulation skills could help prepare at-risk children for kindergarten education, a new study says.The intervention was most effective among children who are considered to

  • self regulation has failed lord paul

    Self-regulation has failed: Lord Paul

    April 15, 2014 22:36 IST

    New Delhi: Leading NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul has warned that steps for further regulation by the government will only lead to more people finding ways to bypass them, asserting that measures need to be

  • pm for self regulation not censorship to fight paid news

    PM For Self-Regulation Not Censorship To Fight Paid News

    India | January 19, 2012 21:51 IST

    New Delhi, Jan 19: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said “perversions” like paid news had come as a shock but censorship was no answer and favoured self-regulation for the media.“It is true that sometimes irresponsible