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  • pakistan would have preferred romney daily

    Pakistan would have preferred Romney: daily

    World | November 08, 2012 17:15 IST

    Islamabad, Nov 8: Most Pakistanis desired a Mitt Romney victory, a newspaper said Thursday, adding Islamabad will now have to again work with Barack Obama despite “an unhappy (US-Pakistan) marriage”.“President Obama has presided over the

  • america votes obama romney wait with bated breath

    America votes; Obama, Romney wait with bated breath

    World | November 06, 2012 20:59 IST

    Washington, Nov 6: With President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney locked in an intense battle for the White House, Americans today voted in an election that followed one of the most expensive and

  • want free pizza for life just ask obama romney pepperoni or

    Want free pizza for life? Just ask Obama, Romney 'pepperoni or sausage' in next debate

    World | October 11, 2012 8:04 IST

    Washington, Oct 10: During the next presidential debate, the candidates will be pondering the important questions of our time. But the most controversial may be "Sausage or pepperoni?"Pizza Hut is offering a lifetime of free

  • obama romney spar over economy during debate

    Obama, Romney spar over economy during debate

    World | October 04, 2012 17:14 IST

    Washington, Oct 4: Republican challenger Mitt Romney put up a tough fight against President Barack Obama as the two sparred over jobs, taxes and healthcare in the first presidential debate.US presidential debates are a time-honoured

  • romney s gurdwara slip calls it sheik temple

    Romney's Gurdwara slip: Calls it 'sheik temple'

    World | August 08, 2012 15:17 IST

    Washington, Aug 8: Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney mourned the Wisconsin Gurdwara tragedy at a fundraiser in Iowa, but referred to a ‘sheik temple' instead of a ‘Sikh temple' while offering his condolences.   Confusing the

  • kid rock gets wild and free for romney event

    Kid Rock Gets Wild And Free For Romney Event

    Hollywood | February 28, 2012 20:41 IST

    Michigan, Feb 28: For his Michigan finale, Mitt Romney wanted Kid Rock.The Republican presidential candidate, after all, begins and ends almost every event with Kid Rock's song “Born Free.”So Romney's people reached out to Kid

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