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  • barak obama action on immigration not if but when

    Barak Obama: Action on immigration not if, but when

    World | October 03, 2014 8:09 IST

    Washington: President Barack Obama sought on Thursday to quell doubts that he will use his presidential powers to act on immigration, telling Hispanics and immigration activists it's “not a question of if but when.”At the

  • bangladesh declares bounty on arsonists to quell violence

    Bangladesh declares bounty on arsonists to quell violence

    World | December 23, 2013 19:16 IST

    Dhaka: Bangladesh today announced a bounty of USD 1,000 for arsonists to control violent street protests by opposition parties that have claimed 127 lives across the country in the past month.“Taka 1 lakh (USD 1,000)

  • quel surprise france and eu no longer buddies

    Quel surprise! France and EU no longer buddies

    World | June 27, 2013 19:14 IST

    Brussels, Jun 27: France stood at the cradle of the European Union and brought it back from crisis time and again—but now it's the French who are turning against the creature they helped conceive after

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