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  • know more about india s secret undersea weapon ins arihant

    Know more about India's secret undersea weapon INS Arihant

    India | August 14, 2014 11:04 IST

    New Delhi: The name Arihant derives from two words – Ari meaning enemy and Hanth meaning destroy.It is India's first indigenously built nuclear submarine.It cost cost $2.9bn to India. It was jointly developed by the

  • antony prevails fdi cap in defence remains 26 per cent

    Antony prevails, FDI cap in defence remains 26 per cent

    India | July 16, 2013 22:13 IST

    New Delhi, Jul 16: FDI cap in defence sector will remain at 26 per cent and proposals beyond that will be considered by the Cabinet Committee on Security on case to case basis, according to

  • six officers indicted in army top secret letter leak

    Six officers indicted in Army top secret letter leak

    India | June 13, 2013 8:10 IST

    New Delhi, Jun 13 : Army's top secret details about operational plans and deployment along the India-China border could have been compromised and around six military personnel have been indicted by a Court of Inquiry

  • a look at indian army s main battle tanks

    A Look at Indian Army's Main Battle Tanks

    India | March 06, 2013 6:39 IST

    New Delhi: A battle tank is a tank that fills the heavy direct fire role of many modern armies. They were originally conceived to replace the light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks. Development was spurred

  • the proud woman of indian air force padmavathy bandopadhyay

    The Proud woman of Indian Air Force: Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

    India | March 05, 2013 6:18 IST

    New Delhi: Women have always played an active role, though indirect in maintain' the high morale of the Armed Forces by way of participating in various welfare and social activities of various branches of the